My Biggest Competition is YOU !!

Lets Compete !!
                   Lets Compete !!

Determined to get ahead,
Shine in my eyes,
Vigour in my spirits,
I rose early today.

I sat down and pondered,
To get ahead, I need to grow,
I benchmarked myself,
Against friends and peers.

It drove me for a week,
But the fervour was soon lost.

My benchmarks were complacent,
Some made me lose hope,
As they were much ahead in the race.
The rest made me content and stagnant.

I went back to my chronic regime,
Days passed by, resolutions broke by.

My neighbouring kid came by one evening,
Footsteps thundering with energy,
Face beaming with a smile.

A big chocolate he demanded from me,
I gave him one and he asked for a bigger one.
I asked him why,
Proudly he showcased his report card.

I was impressed by his grades,
I asked him if he stood first in his class.

He smiled at me and caught my hand,
I was pulled by him to my room,
He led me to the dressing table.

I saw a reflection of us peering from the mirror,
He pointed at the mirror and shouted,
“I beat him, I beat him,
I had an A in last exam I got an A+ this time”.

Tiny little footsteps dancing about with joy,
I gave him the biggest chocolate with a proud hug.

Once again I stood against the mirror,
Like him I pointed at the mirror and said :
“I’ll beat you, I’ll beat you,
My biggest competition is You”.

Since then, every night I ponder,
Did I do something better than I did yesterday?
Sleep is sweet when I know I did.

My Biggest Competition is YOU !
          My Biggest Competition is YOU !

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