Fights & Forgiveness : Dear BFF


Generally, for me Sunday mornings are lazy as ever. With Monday mornings being precisely 24 hours away, Sunday slumbers are a bliss. But, thankfully to my best friend, every Sunday, I’d have to wake up atleast at 10 am and we’d get started on our “Sunday Morning Charcha” – discussion ranging from topics like mission in life, bucket list 2015, places we want to travel to, Resume reviews, what I’m gonna have for lunch and cleanliness status of my apartment. Alas ! This Sunday was unlike those. We had an argument on the silliest things in the world and I had no calls to make.

Life feels so empty in the absence of the right people; even though they are just an apology away. It is then, when we sit back and appreciate the presence of our loved ones in our lives. Its like the early rays of the sun that wakes up the world with it, our souls awaken with them in our lives.

Time and again, we fight with our loved ones. On big things, on petty issues, over a third person, over an idea or an opinion. Disagreements, arguments, wars, cold wars, jung, ladais, battles & fights ! Sigh 😦 These are some of the inseparable elements of any relationship. Be it friends, siblings, parents or our colleagues. At times we feel having a relationship without these ugly monsters would do us so good. But hey there, how would you feel if you’re going on and on a highway at the speed of 120 kmph without any speed breakers or any twists and turns. “Boring.” Hell yes!!! Stability is definitely great but stagnation is so mundane.

Today, as I write this, I resolved a pretty big fight over a petty issue with my best friend. Well, the fight lasted for 4 days or 93.5 hours to be precise. It’s like the feeling while “Chitti” the robot from the acclaimed Rajnikant-Ash film “Robot” diffuses a time bomb with a Rose. That visual I can never forget. Anger can be never subsided by anger, but only with love. Similarly, real friendship is not merely sharing the best times together; but also being with each other through thick and thin.

A lot of times, we take our friends, parents and loved ones for granted. We fail to appreciate the beauty of their presence in our lives. It is sudden jolts like these that make us value all the good and bad times they’ve been with us through. We get a chance to feel the void.

Perhaps, it is the void that makes us appreciate the presence. The small things you did together, random stuff you would laugh madly at, their care and affection for you, phone calls that last for at least an hour, birthday surprises, budget parties and a lot more.


Yes, setbacks like these make us value the people in our ordinary lives who actually make our lives worthwhile and meaningful. With parents and siblings, we know we can never stay upset with for a long time. They would forgive us even before we’ve asked for an apology. But, with friends, one of us needs to put aside our ego, hang on to patience and make a sincere effort. The first part : putting aside our ego, as we value our relation far more than that devilish self-esteem is really important. A lot of patience is also required as the other person may not yet have cooled down. We need to ask for an heartfelt apology. Once. Twice. Thrice. Whether or not it’s our mistake. Asking for an apology doesn’t make us small. Infact, it is a virtue of the brave.

So, what next ? At times, fights bond persons closer than ever before and at times, inspite of giving forgiveness, people drift poles apart. The choice is ours. For me, truly some of my friendships have blossomed after having the biggest of wars. And probably, years later, we laugh thinking how silly we were fighting over stupid things.

quotes-about-friends-fighting-and-making-up-6Life is all about forgiveness. With the right people, explanations aren’t needed. A sincere heartfelt sorry and forgiveness from the bottom of the heart are an elixir. Even the best of friendships, get tested through tough times. Just remember the times when your friend held your hand when your path in life met bumpy roads. The times when they saw the lies behind your smiles and your fears behind those tears. True friendship isn’t about being inseparable. It is about being separated and nothing changes.

Special Dedications :


Dear Linzz : We’ve smiled, we’ve cried. Together. We’ve been mad at each other. But without having you to talk my heart out, I feel so sad and bad. I know we’ve reconciled, yet this is for you to know I love you sooooooooooooooooo much !         – Your Dumbo :p

Dear Milkshake (J) : Haha, one of the earliest names I’d given to u 😉 I’ll be indebted to you my entire existence for taking the first step 🙂

Dear HaSh : Do I need to write more ??

#YehDostiHumNahiTodenge      #JaaneNahiDengeTujhe



5 thoughts on “Fights & Forgiveness : Dear BFF

  1. I am Honoured by ur words Himali….
    But M Happy… Things have settled today.
    You r and will always be One of The Best Decisions in My Life… I am lucky to have u Buddy….. Promise to Stay By My side always come what may… Nothing else do i ask of you…
    Love u a lot… Take care.. :-*


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