By your side !!


In your arms I’m home,
I don’t ever want to leave your side.

You warm my soul,
Like the fireside on a cold winter eve.

Without you, I am a traveller lost,
Bewildered in an unknown city sans a map.

I’m an alien in here,
Nobody but you understand what I speak.

Come back to me and be my lantern,
Guiding me through the rocky roads.

Be the moon walking with me every step,
Be the stars twinkling my paths with joy.

You’re the sun in my day, without you I’m all dark.
Without you my tears bleed, every breath is so hard to take.

I’d fly down from a cliff,
To touch the serene waters of your love.

But, be there to catch me,
Else I might hit the rocks.

I’d die a hundred deaths to see you smile,
In this life and many more to come.

If you’re taken away from me,
I’d knock on the doors of heaven till eternity.

Like a child look for you in every shining star
And Like a lark search for you in the sunny skies !



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