Bye bye baby, Baby Goodbye


I loved you with all my heart,
And you smashed that little heart..

The heart that beat every breath only for you,
Is wounded beyond repair today..

The eyes that saw only you in their dreams all day and night,
Are brimming with tears for you..

What is this life if it doesn’t have you,
What is love if love fades away..

Without you life is all black and white,
This void refuses to be filled..

I cried and cried, until my vision blurred,
Just like a car’s front glass in monsoon..

I lost all hope and peace and sleep,
Life without you was no life indeed..

Just then a dry leaf fell in my palm,
Winter was bidding it a goodbye..

I felt like that fallen leaf,
And then I looked up..

The twig was sprouting a new leaf,
A green little life was creeping in..

I knew I had to bid a farewell,
To the leaf that fell apart..

I welcomed the new life on earth,
And something with in me fell alive..

My beloved, l bid you a farewell today,
To the times we shared, to the memories we created..

I shall never hate you,
I shall not love you either..

You’ve taught me what is love,
I’ll cherish your lessons forever. .

Bye bye baby, Baby Goodbye :))



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