Happy Birthday Amdavad ❤

A very very happy birthday to my most favorite city in the globe #Amdavad ❤


As a token of love for my city, I have written some lines dedicated to #AmazingAmdavad 🙂

Dearest Amdavad,
The city of love gardens (law garden)
The city of cutting chaa (chai)
The city of IIM A maskabuns
The city of zip zapping two wheelers
The city of tukkals on uttrayan
The city of fafda jalebis
The city of Khaman Dholkas & Fafdas
The city of undhiyu
The city of kajukatris
The city of Ras Rotli
The city of Manekchowk
The city of Ratan Pole
The city of navli navratri raas garba
The city of last masalpuri free with pani puris
The city of peace (Gandhi Ashram)
The city of Sabarmati
The city of BRTS and AMTS &
The city of “Baka’s”
Wish you a very very happy 604th Birthday ❤


#iMissUsoMuch #HomeSick #ReverseCountDowm #HomeSweetHome #AmdavadDiaries

Ahmedabad is a city which personifies peaceful life. I know that, I being born and brought up there, can be biased. But this is a feedback from people all over the country living in Ahmedabad.

It is being away from it, that made me realise how easy life in ahmedabad was ! One can reach in farthest corner of the city in maximum half an hour. Everyday life begins by reading “Gujrat Samachar” with a sip of tea. Each festival is celebrated with so much enthusiasm and fervor. People from all over the world come to celebrate the Vibrant Navratri & Patangutsav. The city even Amitabh Bacchan couldn’t resist coming for uttrayan. It is the city where even a stranger would address you as “Baka” (Loved or Dear one). Where sitting on the benches in society, all the gossip of the world happens. Where the generation of lovers and senior citizens both go to the various parks. Where you can relax at the vastrapur lake or kankaria with your friends and family. Where alpha one mall takes you into an all new era. It is the city where the rich and the poor blend together like an amazing mixture.

The city is segregated by the Sabarmati river into the “Old City” and “New City”. For the most of my life I’ve lived in the Old City and let me tell you, there is nothing more mesmerizing than living in the “Pole” culture. Each house shares the same wall with its neighbouring house. You get a dishful of your neighbours dinner for “Tasting” and you reciprocate with equal love. Shopping at Manekchowk, Rani no hajiro, Ratan Pole, having lassi at Girish Cold drinks…. Such a bliss. If you can zip zap your car or two wheeler through the crowded city area, I bet you can drive safely in any part of the world. Over the years, I have seen so many architects visiting the poles to study the architecture of the houses in the old city. Some International students of CEPT are amazed seeing a “Chabutaro” outside a pole. Nothing can beat the beauty of “Sidi Saiyed ni Jali”, the “Julta Minara”, “Adalaj ni vaav”, “IIM-A Architecture”.

Malls, multiplexes, commercial hubs and world class educational institutes like IIM, NID, MICA, the city has it all. Entrepreneurship flows in the veins of this city like blood.

And the most wonderful part of this city is that even if you are a stranger, it will engulf you with so much love, a part of your soul would become an “Amdavadi”.

I received this message today and loved it too :

If a Wada-pav wala makes more money than An Engineer,

If you see AUDA/AMC cleaning up every morning and in the evening its all the same,

If high class people also dont leave the panipuri stall without asking for Masalapuri,

If the rikshawwala and Panwalas are more accurate than Google Maps,

If a Chaiwala at university road explains
struggle at 2’o clock in the morning.


If Bike Riders shout at you for not locking your car doors properly,

If a girl can move around alone at late nights safely,

In a breath-taking crowd of bus, if an poor old lady always gets a Hand to get in bus.

When some idiots blame AHMEDABAD at the same time,
If you find people saying “HU AMDAVADI”. YOU ARE IN AHMEDABAD..

Last one for the people outside AHMEDABAD,
If you find anyone taking Care of you without any Reason,
It’s not that they are idle Its Because,

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