Dear Lost Soul


Dear Lost Soul,

I know you’re walking solitary along a path that seems to have no end. You’re tired, you’re thirsty for love and you’re hungry for companionship. You crave to rest in peace and tranquillity. You long for a purpose in life and you seek a goal for this endless journey.

You want to give up at times, when the nights are dark and the moon is lost. I know you are tired walking along this dreaded path which knows no end. But, just walk a mile more, my dearest lost soul. For there is light and love and joy and the purpose you’re seeking so long. This night shall soon come to an end and the birds will chirp and sing and dance. The sun shall warm you in its embrace and life will smile with you. The darkness is about to end the dawn is just an inch away. Fight. Walk. Run. Shout. Just keep going !!

Don’t give up. Walk and walk till the sun rises, because there is thee to hold thy hand.


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