Dear Workaholic Adult…


Dear Workaholic Adult,

Look up from your computer. Look around. Go for a stroll amidst the bushes and petals. Watch the fountains and the feel it’s droplets fall on your palm. Watch the stars amidst the heavenly skies. Smell the flowers that are blossoming in spring.

Leave your files and mobile today. Just breathe freedom and joy. Leave your remorse and stress with your files. Shout on the mountains till your echo greets you back. Cuddle a puppy and play with the cats. Dance with the daisies and shine like the stars, walk like the lion and sleep like a lamb. Blow bubbles with the soap and bathe with the sun. savour the apples and grapes so sour, leave behind the Burgers today. Laugh out loud and love with your heart, today is a gift, cherish it in all forms.

Enjoy today, because tomorrow work will go on !!


P.S. : This is me enjoying the sunset on Juhu Beach !! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


18 thoughts on “Dear Workaholic Adult…

  1. didi your an Indian CA right?….
    WOW di…could you tell me how much hard work it takes to be a CA and how tough it is?
    i am a commerce with maths student…..dreaming to become a CA or CS one day πŸ™‚

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