Decoding Happiness : #Eureka


Happiness lies not in riches and wealth,
It lies in the bounties of the heart..

Happiness lies not in selfish greed’s,
It lies in the random acts of kindness..

Happiness lies not in shopping for the outer self,
It lies in compliments for the inner beauty..

Happiness lies not in five star dining,
It lies in a roadside treat on winning a bet..

Happiness lies not in name and fame,
It lies in someone’s silent thank you..

Happiness lies not in grumbling for the weather,
It is dancing in the rain and hugging the sunshine..

Happiness is playing with the kids,
Happiness is sharing your chocolate muffin..

Happiness is listening to your heart,
Happiness is giving a gift, just because..

Happiness is reading the “one last chapter”,
Till 3 in the morning with a cup of coffee..

Happiness is making some one smile,
A hug to your parents on a chilly night..

Happiness lies not in solo success,
But in victories celebrated & tears shared..

Happiness lies not in a closed cage,
But in flying like an owl, singing like the koel,
And dancing like the peacock..

Happiness lies in embracing faults,
And striving to do better than before..

Happiness lies in smiles and appreciation,
Friendship and love so unconditional..

Happiness can never be found alone,
Because it is real, only when shared..


Happiness lies in doing what you love,
And loving what you do..

Decoding happiness is a journey for life,
Not a destination to reach and rest..

That is why happiness can never be DECODED,


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