I wanna grow old, with YOU ! <3


When you grow old,
And hit the snooze once again,
I will wake you in my embrace every morning..

When your vision blurs badly,
And u misplace your reading glasses,
I will come up with your medicines..

When your wrinkled hands fumble,
I will change the channel,
To your favourite cricket matches..

When your teeth begin to fall,
I will join you in evenings,
For biscuits dipped in tea..

When you’re running very late someday,
I’ll hold you by your collar to straighten your hair,
And peck your forehead..

When you grow forgetful of birthdays and anniversaries,
I too shall hide the gifts,
I bought months ago..

When after a long day you go to bed,
Don’t forget to check under your pillow,
I’ll leave you random letters..

When we go to the park for a stroll,
And see young couples,
I’ll hold your hand and kiss your cheeks..

When you grow old,
I wanna grow old, with you.. ♡



7 thoughts on “I wanna grow old, with YOU ! <3

  1. when someone talks about love it really makes my soul smile.
    I also write about my experiences of love, my beautiful marriage and of course life. I would like to invite you to visit my blogs and if you like my work kindly follow back. Posting links to a few poems by me
    you are beautiful: https://wp.me/p9tZ21-4c
    you are my answered prayer, my love: https://wp.me/p9tZ21-6x
    the magic I still believe in: https://wp.me/p9tZ21-5D
    Thanking you in advance.

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