Super Sundays : On a Creative High !!

They say art is the music of the soul. I couldn’t agree upon more. A month back I had this intense feeling when I saw a lovely painting over the net and ordered myself a watercolour kit. Little could I contain my excitement, on my way back home; I went to a nearby stationary shop and bought a mini water colour set. The kind kids in their primary grades mess around with. I had a few paint brushes at home and some drawing sheets.

That night I went on till almost 11, and then suddenly it hit me, that amidst all this frenzy I forgot having my dinner :p . THIS is the joy of holding a brush in your hand, messing around with paints, with your palm and pants smeared with colours, because a cloth rug is so far away 😀

I am sharing my paintings here with you, not to show how nice or how terrible I paint. But to awaken that little artist sleeping in some corner of your heart. Even if you hate to paint or think you absolutely can’t (which is the BIGGEST myth you are holding), my purpose would be accomplished if you would smile the next time you see a piece of art or help a kid doodling in his notebook !!

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”
― Pablo Picasso

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
Pablo Picasso


This is one of my oldest paintings. I had done this fabric painting back during my school days. I absolutely love the quote in the painting.


I painted this with a mix of acrylic and poster colours. The heart shapes at the bottom are from stamps I made from an eraser :p . The fun part is this that after completing this, I stuck it on a hard cardboard and painted the sides and decorated with quilling strips. Which made it a frame 🙂


This is a reflection of my beautiful hometown Ahmedabad on a starry night on the banks of Sabarmati river.


Notice the love birds sitting on the trunk of the palm tree ??


My very first experiment with water colours !! 🙂


Pencil shading of a mermaid sitting on a rock.


Because, Music is LIFE !! ❤

Will share some more in other blogs to follow !! DO u like Them ??? Let me know !! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Super Sundays : On a Creative High !!

  1. I remember you have joined on November’13 & we jointly done orientation…you are fresher tat time….certainly you have created your own unique path & made yourself creative to all kinds which brings happiness in small things…Keep it Up


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