Life, You are UNFAIR ! :) :)

I just updated this blog post. There were a few setbacks amidst the past few weeks which made me sad and bitter and angry as well. My faith and patience were dwindling. And then I penned the below post. But what happened post that, is the best part.

Some of my friends read it and they did their best to cheer me up. Right from philosophies of life to jokes and the other side of the coin they tried to share with me. Thanks to this motivational boost, I again counted upon the blessings in life and once again thanked God for the friends who stood by me even when I hit the ground.

Then when I set back and reflected on everything today, I realised that how much we magnify the pain and the bad experiences and how we conveniently overlook the lessons we learn from all the struggle and the little bundles of happiness God sends us every single day in the form of a new day to live and friends and family to love and be loved. I was thinking of deleting this whole “Negative” blog post. But the words of motivation shared with me by my friends were the biggest lesson I RE-LEARNT.  “RISE STRONGER, EACH TIME.”

I do not regret writing this post, because had I not written and kept everything self-contained, negativism would have creeped in. Infact, writing it gave wings to my mind and liberated me to let go the bad experiences and learn from every single struggle. Also, as very well said, sharing sadness halves it while sharing happiness doubles it. I shared both, my initial sadness and also the wisdom from the bad day.

Life, you are UNFAIR, but that’s the only way you are FAIR. Had I not been pounced to the ground, I would never have looked upon the skies so high !!!

So here goes yesterday’s blog post:

If there would be a competition of say the craziest blog post, I think this one would surely win it. I sound very bitterly sarcastic now, but trust me; I AM very much upset. I know it is not such a big thing, but hey !! It’s 12:15 am on a Tuesday night aka Wednesday morning, and I HAVE to jot this down. NOW. I am actually confused as to what are the things running in my heart and mind at the moment. Is it anger or frustration or setback or the kind of feeling-blue feeling. What aggravates it further, is the fact that this kind of thing has happened to me repeatedly in the past few months. What happened today is actually a very small and silly thing. But these things have cumulatively engulfed me in melancholic waters.

Over a very long period I wanted something so much. I longed for it, waited for it, dreamt of it. I know it sounds too dramatic and exaggerated 😉 And as one of my favourite movie dialogue goes “If you want something, go chase it, Period.” I did that. I almost have it. And just then, it flies away. FAR away. Sigh 😦

As a revenge, I wrote this letter to LIFE. Yes, you heard me right. LIFE. I am a member of a community on which you can share open letters on any subject matter, to the world as a whole. The whole world obviously can’t read it, but all the members on the community can. And they DO. Trust me. I have been on this community since a few days and I was only 8 letters old (before this one – which now makes me 9) and my letters have over 5K views.

Here goes my revenge letter :


I don’t know, how many people are reading this and how many are willing to share their wisdom with me, but if something similar has happened to you, EVER, leave me a comment to share your thought. I hope till morning, I am out of this blue.


23 thoughts on “Life, You are UNFAIR ! :) :)

  1. See whatever may be happened you and however dark it may be..
    This is something which puts you Down and tell you that you are human.
    You can’t be perfect.
    You have to be humble.
    Things are not possible always.
    But it is always a matter of time that we get or don’t get something.
    We are someone who has never faced failures in his life.
    But ask someone who is not getting pure water to live their own life.
    Ask someone whose son is paralysed and their parents can’t do anything about it.
    Ask someone who is great in his professional life, but still giving attempts on attempts on CA exam.

    Sometimes we just exaggerate on something..
    Sometimes we don’t know what may happen that’s why we feel insecure and unsafe.
    Sometimes we don’t believe that it happens for reason.


  2. As long as you’re looking on the bright side of things you’ll be ignoring the not so good things in your life. What you give attention to grows, so if you’re focusing on what’s wrong in your life you’ll just get more of it to focus on. But if you focus on what’s right in your life, what makes you happy, what you’re grateful for, and why things are so fantastic for you, you’ll only get more of the same to be happy and grateful for. Some days are easier to face towards the sunshine than others, but it’s always there, you just have to try harder during hard times.


  3. I’m so glad you liked something on my blog and led me to yours. I thought this post was open, honest, and very human; in addition, your letter to life was wonderfully poetic with your lines”Like a thirsty deer, I was chasing the waters/Till I knew they were only mirages.”

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  4. Thanks for following my blog, it gave me the opportunity to check out yours. Recently, I also had an overflow of negative emotions about life. Now today, like you realized, I can balance those feelings with the good things about my life that I am grateful to experience while on the earth. But I also wrote down how I felt, here it is:

    “Bottle of Tears”
    I am not a broken vessel
    I am a vessel of brokeness
    I am not a lovely vase with cracks to let the light shine through
    I am a pitcher filled with pain
    So I keep it to myself
    I have nothing to pour out
    Because I would not overflow with oil
    Only hurt would flow out and over
    Salty tears
    You say you keep our tears in a bottle
    Is that bottle me?

    I believe God has gifted artists whether in word, paint or music with the ability to feel more deeply than the average person. Our feelings are our gift which we can then express and share with others who may feel the same way but not have the words (or images, or sounds) to express them.

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    • Thank you so much for finding my blog and writing to me. I love your poem. It is straight from the heart and touches the soul. And indeed God has gifted artists the ability to feel deeply and express every emotion with such fineness. So we should definitely express and utilise God’s precious gift for uplifting any one who feels the same. And yes life has negatives. But, WHAT BREAKS YOU, ALSO MAKES YOU 🙂

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