Every Day is Earth Day !


On April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day. Just like we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries for people, Mother Earth too has her day, when people across the globe shower her with love and gratitude. When she becomes a celebrity and a subject of discussion everywhere. Right from schools, to news and tweets from all over. Everyone bestows her with so much love. But I beg to differ. What about the remaining 364 days (or 365 days in case of a leap year 😉 )?? What about the times we throw garbage on the streets and honk in the traffic when we get impatient ?? What about the times we curse her for all the tsunamis, unseasonal rains and cyclones ? Why do we forget that it is nothing but signals of global warming – the serious damage we are causing to the nature in our daily actions ?

My letter to Mother Earth :

letter_preview_1429773672891 (2)

Let us thank the nature for all its gifts and not forget our duty to love and cherish her. Let’s not celebrate Earth day just today, but every single day. I have taken my pledge to save Mother Earth in the smallest ways I can. Have you ?????

8 thoughts on “Every Day is Earth Day !

  1. This is beautiful, indeed we should focus on this issue every single day. I believe it could start with simple things, like switching off the lights when not in use, of taking print outs only when absolutely necessary. Good effort. Kudos!

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  2. Very good thoughts and well put in perspective. Combine this with Modi’s Swacch Bharat Campaign and you have a game changer for India and the World 🙂

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