Tremors & Silent Prayers


Has it ever occurred to you that at some point, you are thinking about your parent or a friend far away from you and just at that very moment, you get an unexpected call/message from them ? When you are toiling through the stairs with heavy bags and someone you hardly know, gives you a hand with them ? When you are feeling really low and are greeted with a big smile from a child ? When you are feeling lost and suddenly stumble upon something or someone who gives you a whole new perspective ?

You can call this a co-incidence, telepathy, destiny, luck, an angel in disguise, blessings, prayers or kindness. But the truth is that every human is connected to all other living beings – the flora and fauna, animals, birds and fellow human beings by an invisible bond. The bond of humanity, love and kindness. It is little incidents like these which restore our faith in love and humanity. Which inspire us to be kinder and empathetic.

God could not be everywhere,
So he created mothers..

God could not be everywhere,
So he silently sends over his guardian angels..

God could not be everywhere,
So he showers blessings disguised in prayers..

God could not be everywhere,
So he created love, kindness and hope..

– Himali

While scrolling through my Facebook account today, I saw a post of an animal welfare NGO about a dog they were trying to cure from acid burns. It was by no means that I would be able to help him. But I closed my eyes for a few seconds and said a small prayer to bring comfort to his soul. In my younger days, my mother once told me a fable of a monk who witnessed a dying snake and by no means could do anything to save his life. He stood beside him and prayed for his salvation. The snake with that prayer attained salvation and in his next birth, saved the monk’s life.

This is the power of blessings and prayers. It not only heals the receiver, but also comes back a thousand folds to the giver.

At this time, as thousands of lives in Nepal and India are affected due to the atrocious earthquake, let us mumble a silent prayer and send vibes of love and warmth to every person and family affected by this sudden blow. Let us send our best wishes and prayers to everyone in distress.

Who knows, your prayer might be someone’s manna from heaven ?

Hum se na dekha jaaye, barbaadiyo ka sama,
Ujdi hui basti me, yun tadap rahe insaan..

He ishwar, ya allah, ye pukar sun le,
He ishwar, ya allah, he data…



11 thoughts on “Tremors & Silent Prayers

  1. Wellness and wishes never go in vein Himali Shah..
    Power in our prayers and honesty in our hope gel the things together.
    Although we might not be someone who can control the things but we may really be someone who can hold the things together.. 🙂
    My dearest friend and awesome writer knows no bounds when to come on expressing the generosity..
    Keep inspiring..
    Let the world know you..

    Liked by 1 person

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