Parody, I will be your Melody !


You make me smile, you make me weep,
You rule my thoughts, you rob my dreams.

You comfort when I am hurt, you stab me with your words,
You care beyond bounds, you leave me lonesome in a crowd.

You whisper sweetly in my ears, you shout at me so loud,
You comfort my fears, you bring me tears.

Sometimes you are white, sometimes black,
Oh now I know you are shades of grey.

I wonder, I ponder, deep within,
Love is a parody, now I know.

Should I hold your hand or walk away,
Oh heart tell me which way do I go ?

I stumbled a rock and fell in a muddy pool,
You rushed to my rescue and wiped my glasses.

It was then I knew, how much you care,
Sometimes silently hiding behind a bush.

In your anger and rebuke is a love,
I only saw, in my parent’s chide.

Neither an absolute black, nor an unadulterated white,
Sunny at times, shady at others.

Oh love, you are a parody I now know,
But I will be your melody, you should know.

Because, Doodling is fun ! :) <3
Because, Doodling is fun ! 🙂 ❤

14 thoughts on “Parody, I will be your Melody !

  1. I’ve been a great fan of your blogs…!! This blog is my 2nd most favourite among all your writing. And I know that the best is yet to come. Keep writing and smiling. 🙂

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  2. Love is journey we all know..
    But something is there which must flow..
    Had it been great if there were no hassles..
    Had it been awesome if there were no hurdles..
    Whom we are and what they have..
    People gets connected with the bonding of share..
    Leave it enough or stuck it with them..
    Doing something good or dreaming something great..

    I don’t know whether it is love or a fairy tale..
    I only know that me and you that only can gel..

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