Summer is Our Spring !!


Hand in hand,
We walked bare feet,
Together we wandered,
Amidst the grassy woods,
Aside the sandy beaches,
Toes engulfed in frothy waves..

Hand in hand,
Together we wandered,
On adventures, no one but us knew of,
Sometimes we lay counting the stars,
Zooming miles on a bike with arms in embrace,
Swinging together, high in the sky at times..

Hand in hand,
Together we’d talk and rejoice,
Savoring ice creams in the summer sun,
With pillow fights and scrabble from dawn to dusk,
Singing songs which made no sense to anyone, but us,
Watching each other in angelic slumber..

Hand in hand,
Summer was our spring,
Because then blossomed our love,
Like red roses on a bush..

Holding his hand under the shady trees,
I found my safe haven in him,
From life’s torrid heat and torrential rains,
And perennial warmth through numbing winters..



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