Oh Mother, What would I do without You ?

Mom & Me <3
Mom & Me ❤

Mothers are God’s angels from heaven. Their love is unconditional. They are our first teachers, first friends, first role models.

Today, on Mother’s day, I am 530 kilometres away from my family to be precise. And seeing pictures of everyone on Facebook with their mom’s, makes me miss home way too much. Mom, I really miss you and love you lots !!

A small poem dedicated to all the beautiful mother’s around the world :

After nine months of excruciating pain,
You welcomed me to the world, with a smile on your face.

With tears of joy, you held me close to your heart,
Oh mother, without you I would have been only a dream.

Every time I pulled your hair,
You would alway smile, no matter how much it hurt.

Every time I cried in the middle of the night,
You never failed to rock me and sing a sweet lullaby.

I refused to sleep till you read me a story,
Little did I know the values they nurtured.

You held my bicycle and kissed my hurt knees when I fell down,
You taught me to stand and never to give up.

When I came home crying from school on being mocked,
I found comfort in your embrace and strength to stand against the world when I was right.

You were my friend when I grew up,
With you everything I could share.

I fought with you when you’d refuse and shout,
Now I know that it kept me on tracks.

Every night when I go to sleep, I know,
You’d come over, to pull my blanket and peck my cheeks.

No matter how much you’re tired,
A yummy dinner would always welcome my plate.

My “lost” things, only you can find,
I’d wake up next morning, to find my room “magically” cleaned.

You taught me to walk with head held high,
And cuddle me in your lap after a toiling day.

Never would you complain, never did you ask for,
When apples were 3 and we were 4, you’d always be too full for one.

Even though you’re miles away, you still first ask me what I ate,
Oh mother, what would I do without you ?

You’ve made me the person I am today,
You are the anchor to my ship,
The harbor to my dreams,
And my shady tree when I’m distressed,
Without you, I would have been lost !!!! 🙂

Doodling on mobile is fun too !! :)
Doodling on mobile is fun too !! 🙂

29 thoughts on “Oh Mother, What would I do without You ?

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to your mother Himali!
    I’m still thinking of ways I could greet my mom. She’s amazing (though she never read me a bedtime story:P) but I’m just not a vocal person. hoho.


  2. Hi Himali. You have a lovely mum she sounds great. My mum passed in 1987. Never forgotten, always loved and respected. Thank you for liking my poems Painting! And your lovely comment
    Below The Ice! and great comment. And for liking The Old Asylum! And Soldier. be Safe and Well. The Foureyed Poet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much ! May your mom’s soul rest I piece. You have a lovely blog and your poems have their unique flair. So please don’t thank me. You’re my poet friend here on blogosphere 🙂


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