An Open Letter to My Future Love

An Open Letter to Someone, I will Love more than myself

Place is never important, person is !!
Place is never important, person is !!

Dear Future Love/ Someone present around, I am yet to Discover,

Firstly thank you !!! I know you would tell me that in friendship and love, there should be no Thanks and Sorry; yet I want to express gratitude from the bottom of my heart to you and the Almighty for sending you in my life. I can never thank you enough for the way you saw me, like no one else ever did. The way you looked beneath the worldly shackles of external beauty and choose to see my inner self.

There are so many things I want to tell you, so many things you are yet to know about me, my fears, my tears, my anger, my love, my projected smile, my real smile, about my family, about my hobbies, about the things I love, about my dreams and wishes, the things I value and the things I so badly want.

But first of all, let me tell you; I am scared. I am scared that you would not understand me. Scared that you would choose to leave me when you find someone better. Scared that you might not be able to live with my tantrums and anger. Scared that you will judge me. I yearn to be understood. I crave for your love. I might be mad at you and walk away, I want you to hold my hand and stop me with all your love. I want you to NEVER EVER give up on ME, on US. I want a bond of trust so strong among us, not even an atom bomb can harm any single bit of it. Above all, I want you to understand and love me, unconditionally, always.

In return I have so so so so many promises to make to you. I have so many dreams to see with you under the sky. I have so many places to set my feet on and lay my eyes upon with you. There is so much to do, so much to talk, so much to experience, WITH YOU. The list is just countless. At present my bucket list on Pinterest has over 1500 pins. I want to tick off every single one. With you. I have a Love Bucket List too, which I have made for us, and I’d be so happy to add things from you in it too.


I am difficult to understand at times. I agree. When to the world I smile, I might be deeply broken inside. Behind every because, there is a story which made me think that way. There is an experience – bitter or sweet which made me change. I want to tell them all to you. I want you to be my refuge, my shelter and safe haven. I want to confide in you my deepest fears and secrets I only share with my girlfriends. I want to talk to you when you go drunk. I want to caress your hair when you are asleep. I want to be treated with breakfast in mornings and wash dishes with you at night. I want to fight with you for the popcorn and remote. I want to blow off your money for shopping sprees. I want to give big surprises to you on your birthday. I want to surprise you with roses some afternoons. Holding your hand I want to walk bare feet on the beaches. I want to race with you on a cycle. I want you to lose bets I just declare. I want to dance in the rains and float boats with you in puddles. When we fight uncontrollably, I want you to hug me and let me go only when our anger subsides.

For all this to happen, I want you to “need” me. Never to judge me. Value my family, my opinion, my wishes and dreams, my career. I might get angry and be bitter. It would break my heart if you say mean things to me. I want you to see the love behind my anger. I want you to feel the way I feel for you.

Above all, I “need” you to love me, Always.

Yours Only,
Your Soulmate-To-Be.

24 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Future Love

  1. There is always someone who lives behind your smile and who fakes behind your concerns..
    There is always someone who stood not with his legs but with his heart to open the new horizons of life..
    At times that someone may tease you, do fighting or even say to leave you forever.. But that’s how relationships are built, that’s how relationships grow..

    Love is never a fairy tale.
    You can’t judge a person by looks unless u r type of an astrologer..
    We make relations with time..
    And the ones who stood behind rough times and dark patches deserve to be part of greener side of our own self..

    Attitude is something that kills each and every relation..
    When you say me and you, that is almost a beginning or cruel ending…
    When you don’t find time for your love that means your love doesn’t deserve the place..

    People come and go.. No one is born perfect.
    Everyone have their individuality, preferences, style, perceptions, perspectives, how they look, how they behave, how they actually believe on someone..
    You just can’t be master at all times..
    The only thing we need in life is someone who feel our incompleteness..

    Who will just crack stupid jokes when you are down, who will just hold your hands when you seem deep..
    We talk more by eyes than words.. If you can read something that has never written in any book then you can really be someone who will just drive your story as a best seller of the world..

    You are scared I know..
    You are afraid to jot down the things.. You are afraid to just express who you are..
    You are finding which is never yet arrived.. You try for things which are yet to be concluded..
    But when you will get him…
    You will find that later is always better..
    You will learn the person not by his looks but by his character..
    You will feel secure more in someone’s arms than to be alone in arena..
    You will find happiness in little things you do together..
    You will just love tom and jerry together..

    You will find that when someone is besides you how blessed you are…
    You will find that love that never fails is the love that never demands..
    Everything yet doesn’t look perfect but still you don’t care cause that’s what not you were truly looking for…

    You wanted warmth, affection, care, emotions and love to make all things to be in line the way life wants us to do it..

    N when you get your love never lose if for silly mistakes…never get angry when you know that this is something more worth than anything else.. This is something you can not miss out.. This is something you truly crave for…

    All The Best Himali..
    Hope your love comes as a light.. And show you the every side of your life as shining bright :))


    • Thank you so very much for your deep insightful thoughts and good wishes. I am really touched.

      “Hope your love comes as a light.. And show you the every side of your life as shining bright :))”

      Your words are Magic !!


  2. Himali. Don’t think much negative. U say u r scared about he leaving you if he finds someone better . on the contrary u want bonding to be strong enough that not even atom bomb can disturb . relationships are weekend by insecurities . u know that . also light of love should be lit by both of u .. Accept the differences and not expecting too much that only one person should understand the other.
    Rest u r a wonderful girl dear.
    May u get a lovely partner.


    • @TheOnlySup : I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic. I do agree bonding between 2 people should be stronger than any adhesive, but I have seen cases where people walk apart. This is because, Love is a choice.

      I really value your feedback and your thoughts : “also light of love should be lit by both of u .. Accept the differences and not expecting too much that only one person should understand the other.” are so precise. Love should not be biased on any side. Agreed.

      Thanks again for your lovely wishes.. 🙂 Wish u the same !!

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      • People walk apart due to various reasons. not just because they found someone better. i have been interacting with people too and found one of the terrible reason to walk away is that “why me why not you” kind of emotions . one person expect others to behave , feel and communicate the way they think feels and live. people feel controlled , dominated, unrealistic future planning .. so on so forth hundreds of things.. so upto an individual for work on the relationship and have maturity to not give up on each other.. 🙂
        all the best

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    You are the one to whom I want to spent my rest of life with you. I am not gonna leave you till the last breath, I m not gonna leave you beacuse I love you, I m not gonna leave you because I m not gonna give my heart to anyone , I m not gonna leave you beacuse we still need to achieve our dreams which we have decided over spending nights on
    call.. I will be yours only and forever.
    My heart is only for you and forever.

    Yours only,
    your soulmate to be



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