How Debit Met Credit


A lot of people ask me about my profession and get bewildered when I tell them that I am a Chartered Accountant (CA) (Equivalent to a CPA). So this is a poem I have written dedicated to all the CA’s and CA students which is a humorous take on accounting, with some deep insights.

Do let me know if you enjoy reading it and if you could decode the message behind this poem 🙂

Walking towards the border,
Along the Income Statement,
Debit greeted Credit, “Hi, let’s hangout together”.

From his window on the top line,
With pride in his eyes, Credit looked down,
“I bring Incomes and Gains, you bring losses with you, why do I come with you ?”.

Taken aback with this cold response,
Debit went to his second home, the balance sheet,
Opening his door he spoke aloud, “I hold assets, you are a liability. How can you be so rude !”.

This infuriated Credit many folds,
“I am the giver, you are the receiver, never do forget !”,
He angrily replied.

Quite long they bitterly quarreled,
And then, an Accountant came along,
With an Auditor’s cap, he listened to their stands.

Taking out his forensic glasses,
He audited and investigated,
Reported his qualifications, in his Audit Report.

To Debit & Credit, he then explained,
“You are one soul, divided in two,
Without the other half, you cannot beat”.

Like ebbs and tides and Pen and nib,
You complete one another, like no other can do.
So shake your hands and sing along,
Without you both, Balance Sheet wouldn’t balance !!

balance sheet

35 thoughts on “How Debit Met Credit

  1. A beautiful way there. Debit and credit in conversation. The auditor gives out the verdict
    Both being one soul.
    Well done!
    Nice to see you follow Meenas Poems.
    Could you please tell me in which side it is debit or credit?
    All the best.


  2. Wow . this is something I can say ” the best I read today ” credit cards are usually debt traps. One should use it only when there is extremely inevitable situation. Otherwise building a contingency fund will always be helpful .

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  3. Many thanks, Himali! Here I am, Robin, stressed up with SYBcom…and A/C(I never tallied any Final A/c LOL).
    Good to hear some humor about it! Okay then,
    Thanks A/c ……..Dr.
    to Miss. Himali’s A/c
    -spread the smile

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  4. Debit is what we say and credit is on its way..
    Where debit stands left and credit stands right..
    Where debit asks for something and credit gives everything..
    Where lucky is the one who take the debit and crazy is the one who give the credit..

    Where debits takes the responsibility and credit supports the creditability..
    Where everything tallies with common balance and both stands on equal footing..

    Saying both debit and credit to each other..
    No one is greater and no one is small.
    Our nature is such we should stay all along..
    You may be gem and I may be gold..
    Our pillars are such that keep us strong..

    Let’s zero down out differences and make world smaller..
    Give the best shot every time and make our balancesheet taller..

    Equal should be you and equal should be me..
    Ultimately we are the partners of accounting and together we make a splendid we… 😊


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