The Size of Your Audience Doesn’t Matter; Keep up the Good Work


There has been a lot of conflict between my practical mind and my heart regarding the concept of “Being acknowledged”. I believe that that acknowledgement doesn’t matter. If it makes you feel good inside; you should do it irrespective of the fact that somebody is watching or not. Then sometimes my logical mind would argue about “Quid Pro Quo” – “Something in return”; though not monetary or in big things, but a small word of encouragement would be more than enough to fulfill the “Social”, “Esteem” or “Self Actualization” Needs as defined by Abraham Maslow. This confusion was seamless and endless.

Although I seldom work for praises or appreciation, I or for that matter any one; would love being recognized.

Yesterday evening I was quietly reflecting upon my journey in the “Corporate World” post college life, my journey as a “Blogger” and “Painter”. I admit that I like being recognized and admired.

But there was also a phase when I did everything for myself. At times, the going got tough. I had to be self-motivated. I chose to motivate myself every single day and kept on the perseverance. This is because when there is no external stimulus or motivation, you need to have strong internal urge to keep going, or you would succumb!! I chose that path.

And today, when I look back, everything makes perfect sense. Intrinsic motivation is a key building block to virtues like perseverance, patience and work sans any expectations. Every time, we need not do something only to get noticed, recognized or rewarded. This is because it is much more difficult to cope up when expectations aren’t met. This concept is similar to the concept of

“Chase excellence, rather than success. Success will automatically follow”.

There is a beautiful quote in “Gita” (Holy Scripture of Hinduism) I would like to Quote:

“Set thy heart upon thy work, but never on its reward.”
― Ved Vyasa, The Bhagavad Gita


If not anyone else, God is a silent observer and abundant giver. No good deed you do go unnoticed from his lenses. Keep up the good work. It will give inner peace, joy and satisfaction like never before. The greatest artists aren’t the ones who work to impress the world, they are the ones who do what they love and put their heart and soul into it.

Lastly, I’d like to leave a message that if some one’s kind words and appreciation can motivate you so much, why not be that “someone” to a stranger. One good deed comes back to us many folds like a boomerang. Be generous to show your love and appreciation. But only extrinsic appreciation should not be the reason for your deeds.

Cheers to life !! Do Good, Be good 🙂

do things with love

113 thoughts on “The Size of Your Audience Doesn’t Matter; Keep up the Good Work

  1. Selfless acts has its own rewards.. For the bloggers I always keep saying don’t count the no. Of followers , its the no. Of lives u inspire that matters. Also if u r in corporate world u may imagine the importance of getting ur work noticed . but here there are many things on life we do without expectations.. And when it gives ur internal satisfaction that’s a huge reward u get

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  2. you are always welcome Himali!!! Being musician I would really like to draw ur attention to a fact that we people start our career from “AAKASHVANI” and we need to play or give speech front of Wall!! so you can imagine how audience matters to us!!!!
    very relevant post.

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  3. Ohh my goodness!!Gr8est!! ..”Nishkam Karmayoga-Karm karo,Karmfal ki ichha/chinta nahi!”..Number of likes/followers never reflects anyones “Quality”!!..I am glad after knowing your thoughts,really appreciative!!

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  4. When you know that what you have given to others and divine duties it gives you immense peace more than anything else. Who demanded it, who required it or who need it.. May be no one.. May be everyone. The only thing that keep us going is the selfless attitude, the attitude which says that I am more than my name, the thought which says that i can do much better if I just give up some expectation on our part. Though everything exists in the world, but life is more in imagination than in reality. you can’t just be paid on material things. somethings you get in the form of appreciation, some in admiration and some of course in terms of affection and blessings that gives you much hope than anything else. And if i need to ask anything in return than probably i won’t ask anything because, the majority of things on which we are admired are GOD gifted. We haven’t really pulloff our socks to become writer or painter. Something that just comes natural, somethings that doesn;t require a degree to show them off. We have just explored it not for us but for the world, as in any case it is our morale resposibility to give the world which no one can give.. It is good to be self but much happy to be selfless. If you can just count the blessings as delightfully as you count the stars, then I think we are the stars in GOD’s own eyes :))


    • Rahul what an amazing thought. I am really humbled. “If you can count the blessings as delightedly you count the starts, we are stars in God’s own eyes
      ” — such a fantastic thought. Yes it is very much necessary to count all our blessings. As it is said ‘Dua me yaad rakhna’. Thank u again ! 🙂



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    • Thank u very much Vahid Sir. . I am indeed so lucky to know such a talented personality like u !! May your music reach more and more souls and inspire a lot of people. Again thanks for all the good wishes 🙂


  6. Hi Himali,

    I finally got a chance to view your blog on my computer, and it is beautiful! The app on my phone doesn’t do it justice haha. Just wanted to let you know that I really love this post, it resonated with me. I love blogging and I enjoy getting recognition for it, but even if I get few views, at the end of the day it’s for me.

    Keep decoding happiness!
    Stephanie 🙂

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  7. Now this hits me. While I love checking up my blog’s daily stat, see who follows or which post got the highest likes or comments, I’d still love the fact that every time I visit and reread my post/s, there’s an internal satisfaction that can be felt within.
    And sometimes, that’s all that matters to me.
    Your post made me realize this. ❤

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    • Bingo !! I too check my stats follows etc. But the thing which gives me tremendous satisfaction is that I wrote. I penned down my thoughts into words.. And that itself is an accomplishment for me.. I do feel happy when I get views or follows but ultimately I write for myself rather that for likes and comments. . That’s why I guess blogging is so close to me.. I guess you also share similar feeling !! Cheers to awesome us 😀😀

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      • hahah Yes! You’d definitely pinned down my feeling. It’s a feeling that once you reread your post, the actual feeling you had felt that day becomes alive and vivid again. It brings me back my emotions and memories- good or bad! But it also gives you a glimpse of how much you’ve grown up. ❤

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        • *Same Pinch* I often post some blogs when I’m too sentimental about some thing or some thought. . Then looking back retrospectively makes me re live every vivid details and shows me how far I have come. . One of the best experiences of reading my own posts and sometimes thinking : Am I the same person who write this !? 🙂 🙂

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          • That’s what makes blogging so great. It’s a diary you can keep for as long as you want to. I also have lots of posts which are full of emotions before. But then I realize that blogging isn’t just a place for me to rant or be sad about things. By then, I started up posting my little adventures and other hobbies. So you see, we are progressing. This site might be companion with our downfall, but it can also be the witness towards development!

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            • Wowwwww.. your last sentence was so so profound.. companion with our downfall but witness towards development !!! I loooooooove this ❤❤❤
              And yes.. The best thing about writing is that it eases the pain and helps us grow stronger and understand our vulnerabilities much better.. I also used to blog about my new paintings a hobby of mine which gave me such immense pleasure 🙂

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  8. I feel intrinsic value and rewards are hard to feel good about, especially while young. As we get older the intangible, self-respect and our inner voice tells us to be proud and happy with what efforts we do. Helping othersis a good way to feel better about ourselves, too. Your post said this all so well! 🙂

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  9. Hi Himali, I chose this post randomly but your words are totally spot-on…I’m at a phase in my life where perseverance is absolutely vital; sometimes it seems the dawn will never come…but I can never quit…

    Enough about me. It’s nice interacting with you, hope there’ll be more in the future. Regards.

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      • As you were writing this, this is what I wrote for you. Publish on your site if you like:

        Every thing you do has a gold touch;
        Everything you write, reminds me
        Of William Shakespeare; Jane Austin;
        And who have you? who reached the summit;
        If you sing, who shall I hear?
        A Skeeter Davis? Nana Mouskouri? Who?
        Maybe I’ll hear the voice
        Of a nightingale
        Or an angel in heaven;
        You are such a great soul;
        Overflowing with talent.
        What is the world waiting for;
        To lift you to where you belong:
        The mountaintop?
        The time will come;
        There is a time for everything.

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  10. lovely words from the heart, excellent message. I really connected with “live life to express, not impress.” As I paint, for me, its about the sheer love of the Process. It seems, Society does get hung up on keeping up with the Jones’. When you Express its not exhausting; but trying to Impress is. What a marvellous post, Thanks for sharing it!

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  11. So many things to like about this post: the picture, the overall message, and the gems of wisdom from beginning to end. Thank you for liking and following, “Anything is Possible.” I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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  12. Your blog reflects what you have deep inside your heart. Is not the length of blog but the message one derives from it. You are touched my heart and the first picture on the blog says it all. God bless you


  13. agreed… self motivation is the key. There are times when nothing makes sense and you feel alone or maybe you are with people who care and help you but you still don’t feel it. Times like that it is really important to see the positives and try to motivate yourself for life and work…

    Your self reflection later on only helps you in being much more stronger … Nice writing Himali… 🙂 I have a friend who shares the same name as you it brought me to your blog and I am so glad I am reading it… Keep it up 🙂

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  14. That’s exactly how I feel about my blog. I just posted my first post today. I don’t really do it because I want to become famous or have thousands of followers. I did it because I want to learn how to put myself out there as it is an important skill to have in the job world. Also, I can practice my photo editing and writing skills. Of course it would be great to have a big audience, but if not that is still okay as you learn a lot of other things right 🙂

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  15. “If someone’s kind words […]can motivate you so much, why not be that someone for a stranger[…]”.

    Your post and ur wording and entire sharing are so b e a u t i f u l.
    Your first photo si one of my favorites so drew me in to your lovely platform. And then that excerpt from the “Gita”.. I particularly loved it, how u shared it.. truly. I don’t kno a lot abou the different religions in India but i was always fascinated by the messages they share…

    You seem like a lovely, beautiful person – no flattery, thank you so much for your sharings. Looking forward to read more of you:))

    Sincerely yours,


  16. “Set thy heart upon thy work, but never on its reward.” ― Ved Vyasa, The Bhagavad Gita

    How lovely that you have written on this subject. I think, because we are human, we are prone to having a bouquet of perceptions about things. A friend, suffering from pangs of remorse, told me that shortly after her grandfather died she began to wonder if she would inherit anything. She thought herself a dreadful person because she thought of money instead of the loss of this person she loved. I responded that such conflicting ideas often arise unbidden because our brain connects one idea to another along a myriad of pathways. As a teacher, I call that schema, the wide range of connecting ideas that are tied to an initial stimuli. So, with regard to your quote, which is spot on, I would say that reward may come to mind in the natural course of thought, but it doesn’t have to be our reason or engine. Like petty thoughts about a co-worker, you can shift those thoughts away and replace them with musings more in keeping with your true feelings.


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