Leaves, Branches and Roots in our Life : Munching Memories

I read a really beautiful story online yesterday and I was so deeply moved, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all. The essence of the story is :

Life Tree
Life Tree

Life is like a tree. The people in your life are either three things.

Some people are in your life for a short period….

Others there for a few years….

And a few others are there for a lifetime….

They are either a leaf, a branch or a root on your life tree.

Around some time in my life, I was deeply devastated on a personal loss. I wept and begged, but nothing seemed to work. It was like I had fallen deep into a pit, from which I simply couldn’t come out. With every passing day, I fell in deeper and deeper. Then one fine day, old friends came by. They threw me a ladder; and helped me climb, a step at a time. Today, I am so much thankful and indebted to them that my words defy me to express my gratitude.

After I read this story I realized that many people in our are like leaves.. They come and go with seasons.. We should learn to let go off them without holding grudges or remorse against them. On a brighter note, they also teach us a lot of life lessons which no school or professor can teach. We should try to grasp that wisdom behind the shadows of pain.

Thinking retrospectively, I am very much thankful to the storm that blew away the leaf. It is because of that, I started penning down my emotions in words and colors. To say it with a “shayari” :

“Tere jaane ka asar kuch aisa hua mujh par,
tujhe doondte doondte, maine khud ko paa liya”

A message from me :

Today as you sit back, reflect.. Try to distinguish between the leaves, branches and roots in your life. Hold on to real tight and fight for the roots. Don’t be disappointed if some leaves wither away, as new leaves will sprout soon.. Hang on to the branches, who knows they may grow deep enough to be your roots some day !!! Above all, try to be a deep and firm root for your loved ones. A root which reaches out for water deep into the ground during the scorching dry summers; holds on to nourishment’s and passes it on to the tree.

From various sites I have tried my best to compile the story I read. Here it goes:



It is not necessarily a bad thing to spend time with those people, as long as you are aware that the leaves people are only there to take something from your tree, so they themselves can grow and give shade to you and for you to learn something from them. It’s just the way they are and that’s okay. You were only meant to learn that lesson and get wisdom about life from them.



Branches are good. Branches can be solid and lasting… But these people you also need to be very aware of, because they act like they’re real strong but they can trick you! They make you believe that they’re superman but the minute you lean on them, they break and leave you hanging there high and dry….



They are strong and can handle it when you lean on them. They ain’t going nowhere! They’re not worried about being seen with you, they’ll gladly tell the world that they know you and without these people, your tree couldn’t live.

A tree can have hundreds of branches and thousands of leaves, but only have a few roots.

28 thoughts on “Leaves, Branches and Roots in our Life : Munching Memories

  1. profound . we meet various kind of people who has a lot of impact on our life directly or indirectly . but the ost important ones are the one who stand beside u and give the reassurance to move ahead in life

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