Two To The World : Wordless Wednesdays

Love : A Watercolor Painting <3
                             Love : A Watercolor Painting ❤

Two to the world,
Disguised they were,
None but them knew. .

They were in fact,
One unified soul,
Residing in two bodies. .

He would be hurt,
And she would bleed,
Her sorrows,
Streamed from his eyes. .

Separated by miles,
They were still together,
An invisible road,
Connected their souls. .

Her fragrance was his magic,
His touch so ecstatic,
Deep in her gaze,
Was love set ablaze. .

While crossing the road,
Her hand he would hold,
Beloved she felt,
With his arm around her. .

Two to the world,
Separated by boundaries,
United by love,
They were one,
Since their eyes first met. . ❤

Did you like the painting ??? Did the poem remind you of someone special or made you yearn for someone special in your life ??? Do let me know in the comments below 🙂

42 thoughts on “Two To The World : Wordless Wednesdays

  1. In my childhood, I used to wait for the TV program WWE. And today also, I wait eagerly for WWE. The difference is in their name. Earlier it was World Wrestling Entertainment and now it is Worldless WEdnesday…!! 🙂 Great work Himzzz… Keep it up forever .

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  2. HECK YA! Of course I like the painting. Oh sorry, not like – LOVE!!! That’s awesome. You have some serious talent girl. You’re going to rock that course. And the poem is amazing and perfect for the painting. WooHoo! So glad we’ve found each other Himali.
    🙂 ❤

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