Perennial Togetherness : 51st Post <3

          Doodling on Tissues 😉 ❤

You were the wind,
That gently caressed by cheeks,
Then you became one,
One with my storm..

Together we were a hurricane,
A hurricane of love,
Who constantly challenged,
The age old norms..

We’d play, we’d laugh,
We’d fight, we’d cry,
Togetherness ran perennial,
We grew inseparable..

I held your hand and lifted you up,
When climbing the ladder you fell,
You’ve been my backbone,
An anchor to my restless soul..

There is so much more,
To see, to do,
To live, to love,
To share with you all along..

In this journey of life,
You’re my companion,
Together we’ll travel,
A road unknown..

When our windshield gets messy,
Let’s stop and clean,
When our paths collide,
Let’s sit and talk..

Together let’s travel,
The woods un trodden,
Walk down the aisle,
On the road less taken..

There will be bumps along,
And twists and turns,
But I promise you my love,
I’ll be your guide all along..

Hold my hand,
And let’s run down a hill,
Hold my hand,
Let’s swim across the oceans..

Joys and pains,
Losses and gains,
And life’s all games,
Together let’s play ❤


35 thoughts on “Perennial Togetherness : 51st Post <3

  1. the moment i saw this picture , i remembered stick figures which i usually draw. now the essence of this picture and the poem is what took my breath away .. together we can overcome everything is what i liked about your poem . keep writing himzz

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  2. Me and Future Husband, LOL 😀 I simply adored the “Togetherness ran perennial” line. This is touching, I just love the warmth that your posts exude ❤


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