Fragility of Moments : Thoughts After a Blogging Vacation

After a very very long blogging vacation, today I decided to shed off my laziness and pen down the thoughts whirling in my mind since all these days, which seemed to me like forever. Something struck me today. It hit me, literally; even though I knew it long since. There are encounters so simple, which stir the emotions deep and make your soul so calm that you see the reflections of your own soul in the tranquility of the waters.

Yesterday evening (well, I should call it night since it was 11:30 pm :p ) I was busy working on my laptop and reading random stuff side by side on Facebook (FB links of some articles are so amazing, I NEED to have some cheat time in between πŸ˜€ ). And then suddenly, my phone started crashing. My mobile memory was giving an error saying it was full and I could hardly access my phone memory. Grief and panic struck me. I am a person so dependent on technology that when such disasters happen, I’d begin to sob (sounds silly, I know !). I tried my best to restart my phone at least 5 times and tried to back up some data from my phone memory. I could back up 70% stuff, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing which kept me worried was my contact list. I had a 4-month-old back up, but it didn’t have the updates I had made in the interim duration. I tried over a dozen times but could by no means back up them. It was 12:30 am, my messenger app was working; so I asked my cousin who is a techno geek to call me (since I didn’t have this number !!). But even he couldn’t help me fix the issue. A similar thing had happened some months back, and I knew I had no alternative other than to format my phone memory.

Well, then the story goes on. I made a new beginning downloading all apps in my phone, logging into all accounts, retrieving contacts, etc etc. Half of my morning was spent in all this and I was in such a bad temper cursing that breakdown.

Also, in my newsfeed on FB today, I came across 2 articles; 1 about a young 22 year old employee who suddenly breathed his last on earth after being bogged down by long work hours and the second in which almost after a month, Facebook’s COO expressed her grief on the sudden demise of her husband.


All these things together put me into thinking deep. These are the few things I have realised with both technology and human lives:

1. Things can break down suddenly, yes, ALL OF A SUDDEN

2. There would be no warnings

3. You would always be too lazy to regularly take backup of most important stuff when such disasters happen (In case of life, we are too busy β€œLiving” to actually live and enjoy).

4. Such breakdowns can either be a jolt (temporary & can be recovered with some efforts) or an irreversible change. (Jolts can be in the form of a short-term sickness, external changes, etc.)

5. Always be thankful to the β€œJOLTS”. Jolts like these make us realise the beauty and simplicity of β€œold & routine” which we often take for granted. Jolts make us start from the scratch & give us a whole new perspective – a process in which we again re discover things we overlooked and forgot long back.

6. They teach us how important it is to take regular backups as something’s can happen in the blink of an eye

7. They make us cherish memories and at the same time, embrace the change with a smile

8. When you begin afresh after a stumbling block, you begin to value things so consciously and with so much of love.

9. There are at times, irreversible changes. Like a file once deleted from recycle bin, and has no scope to be recovered. We cannot run away from them, no matter how hard we try. Accept this.

10. Life is utmost fragile. Live in the present, savour every moment, make memories, never hold back anything, forgive unconditionally, hold no regrets and wishes unfulfilled.

11. Most importantly, never fail to express gratitude and love. Setbacks do happen. But that should no matter hold you back from loving a thing/ person. Always write the good times on a stone and the bad ones on sand…

What are your thoughts on this ??? Do let me know in the comments below.


67 thoughts on “Fragility of Moments : Thoughts After a Blogging Vacation

  1. That’s quite unfortunate what happened to your phone. I guess life is choke full of such “jolts” as you said. And if it is not, then you are not really “living” your life. This is the second time in the week that I have come across that John Lennox quote. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something πŸ˜›

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  2. A long overdue blog… And indeed worth the wait…:) I used to check your blog everyday at around 1 pm IST. And Finally it is here. Sorry about your phone. Hope you have recovered all the necessary stuff and contacts by now. Yes life gives us jolts and suddenly the laziness disappears. We try to seek the answers the life has thrown to us. And often the answer is just around us. But the psychology of the jolt is such that the mind can’t see d simple things. And we may end up complicating the simple things as well. So a calm mind is all we need. And when would this calm mind work ? When we have stored just enough fruitful things in it along with the beautiful memories and haven’t overloaded with unnecessary stuff.
    Once again, a wonderful blog. Loved the image as well: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than you did.” So true… Be expressive and have no regrets. Take some risks to reach where you want to be or to find the things, be with your beloved ones. Because life is too harsh to live with regrets.

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  3. You can get or you can regret.. There is no third way to live your life.. The full phone memory clearly shows us that when life is fed up with unnecessary things, we should better clean our own life and remain empty for good things which are just waiting at the door..

    Yes there are no warnings yet everyone gets a signal what they want in their life.. Ultimately our choices make our destiny..
    Those who gauge those signals well can make wonders and those who don’t may lost their sight in between..

    Yet whatever we do, there are simply some reasons for doing it. We all accept that to live life on our own terms but that too takes time.. We may not be as lucky as someone else..

    In any case we should never defer our life and postpone our fantacies.. We never know the life we wany may be just round the corner.. πŸ™‚

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    • Wow… I am just speechless..”he full phone memory clearly shows us that when life is fed up with unnecessary things, we should better clean our own life and remain empty for good things which are just waiting at the door..Yes there are no warnings yet everyone gets a signal what they want in their life.. ” simply loved the thoughts u have shared !!! Thank u so very much.. Keep reading and writing back. May I please know your name so I can thank u personally for such an awesome thought..


  4. A beautiful strong post here.
    Sometimes these ‘Jolts’ make us, they develop us into a better person, a better human being. We get to learn a lot from these jolts, they grow onto us, eventually changing us. πŸ™‚

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  5. Himali;
    Welcome back to the blogging world with big bang; I was badly missing your company and I have search and surf everywhere about your whereabouts, but no clue,no trace, no news.
    Wishing you all the best………….


  6. The one who preaches things like – “don’t regret about anything in life” ,himself regrets about his/her doings at some or the other point (i do such things) .I think we,humans do this merely for that self satisfaction we get to warn others from committing the same mistake that we committed once………………

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  7. Hey Himali, I was wondering if something happened to you since you couldn’t post for so long. When I saw this post on my reader, I was like Phew! πŸ˜€ Haha

    As always, another interesting and inspirational post πŸ™‚ I really needed it :I Thanks ❀

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  8. Such a great quote. Great and wise. I’m all for living in the present and valuing eternal treasures of moments, family, things that don’t cost money.
    Great observations HImali.

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