Believe IN Me

Believe Me  . . . NO –  Believe IN Me


There are some things in life, which are so much identical, that there is merely a thin line of distinction between them. Yet, I believe, it is this thin line of difference, which makes all the difference.

You meet two kinds of people in life. First are the ones who “Believe You” and second are the ones who “Believe IN You”. The first kind of people are found in abundance like empty oyster shells. They love you and trust you; but again, that comes with a tag with a caution line written in the tiniest font size: “Conditions Apply”. Yes, their trust is conditional and can be shaken or uprooted easily with winds of misunderstanding or miscommunication. They will listen to the world and look for evidence. They will go with the flow and what their eyes see and ears listen about you. When fingers are pointed towards you, they will silently leave your side and join the crowd to accuse you. Yes, they do believe you; but it is only when you give them “explanations” and “evidences”.

They second kind of people, the ones who believe in you; are rare like oyster shells filled with a precious pearl lying thousand miles deep within the sea. They are like the rare black roses or the Kohinoor diamond. In short, they are priceless. They love and support you unconditionally. Explanations or Clarifications are never required with them as they trust you blindly. They are like a rock solid anchor amidst a life full of storms, hurricanes and tsunami. They hold your hand tightly when the world goes against you. They have unwavering confidence in you, your abilities and your morals even when conclusive evidence proves otherwise. Their unflinching moral support gives you strength when even you yourself lose confidence in yourself.

To explain with an example, say there a guy X who is accused for a murder in intoxicated state to inherit property worth millions. All evidence stands against him. Even X himself isn’t sure. Yet, there is his love and his best friend who happens to be an attorney who have unshakable faith in him. They stand by him, go against the world and ultimately save him from the ordeal of death penalty proving all evidence to be planned against him. But why did they trust him when he himself had no clue ? The answer is their resolute conviction on his ideals.

In my life, many a times I lost confidence in my own self and abilities. But it was due to the unending trust and love of my dear ones, I could fight all odds.

It is very easy to go with the flow, but very difficult to go against the world and love and trust unconditionally. Such people can be counted at your fingertips and they are the most precious blessings from God.

I hope your life is filled with people who Believe IN You. You can share your experiences and thoughts on this in comments below.

52 thoughts on “Believe IN Me

  1. I have had lots of the “believe you” type of people in my life. They have left unfortunately. Like you said, at the first sign of trouble they jumped ship. It’s being hard learning which people to rely on.
    But then there are the “believe IN you” people who are still around. We have been friends for 10, 12, 15 years. Hard to leave they are. They have seen the ugly and even uglier yet they still hang around…..I am eternally grateful for them!
    Great post


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  2. To have a person, a friend, a family member who ‘believes in you’ is such a powerful feeling and one that lends support. They are rare, but usually life long friends.


  3. Himali;
    “I hope your life is filled with people who Believe IN You. You can share your experiences and thoughts on this in comments below”.
    I don’t know about my life but yes I know about your life because I believe in you and that is why I have commented here.
    Wishing you all the best……….

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  4. I am glad that I have few oyster shells filled with pearls in my life, though few, they are worth everything! 😀 Such an amazing post, it made me feel good about few people in my life. Thankyou:*

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    • Hey Karishma, welcome to DecodingHappiness 🙂
      I’m glad you could resonate with this post. I had similar feelings when I penned this 🙂 I wish your life is filled with awesome people who believe IN you 🙂

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