The Shining Star

Man showing milky way to little boy, telescope

The people around her,
Were the world to her tiny eyes..

She smiled and rejoiced,
But they held hatred in their eyes..

Her little eyes were filled with wonder,
As to what wrong had she done ?

Was it such a crime,
Being born as a girl ?

Then a man held her close to his heart,
She could feel his heart, beating with joy..

“My princess” he’d address her,
And she’d laugh serene..

Like butterflies and roses in a garden,
She spread happiness all around..

The world around, wanted to confine her,
Within four walls of her house..

“My princess” he’d address her,
And sent her to a world class school..

He’d be there to listen to her poems and her songs,
He’d also be there to help her in her homework..

In evenings they huddle up the terrace,
And stare at the brightly shining stars up above in the heavenly skies..

She’d make him tea and serve him dinner,
In her tiny kitchen set cups, he’d savour till the end..

She grew up to be a lovely beautiful girl,
She’d top in school and win prizes, while he’d beam with pride along..

A bond no one else could get, they shared,
From crushes to fears, she’d all share..

Why is she so dear to you, she’s not even a son,
The world would pry to him..

Big a smile and pride gleaming his eyes,
He pointed to a shining dot in the sky..

She is travelling around the moon this year,
She’s an astronaut with NASA on Mission Mars..

Then moving his finger to a shining star,
She’s my last treasure after my beloved passed away..

My love is shining bright amongst the thousand stars,
And there is my princess flying in the sky..

I just wish her mother sees her there,
Smiles at her and knows how much I love her, always..

Just then, the shining star twinkled brighter,
As if saying “I love you too” ❤


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