Without You…

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Without you, my world is,
Like a boat lost amidst the giant stormy ocean..

The fragrance of the flowers,
The melody of the koyal, fail touch my heart..

You were the lyrics of the song,
My heart sang all day and night..

With you gone, there is no one to listen,
To my poems and talks nonstop..

There is no one to call me all the cute names,
There’s no one to call me a sleepy head on Sundays..

Where are you gone my love ?
Come back soon..

Like the dry parched farms,
My barren soul awaits the shower of your love..

The monsoon has just began,
And I see love blossoming all around. .

Come back soon,
Let us hold hands and walk under an umbrella..

Without you, the ink of my pen has also dried,
Because there’s no one I’d write for..

May be I miss you as much my diary misses the touch of the pen..
Oh No, I miss you even more..

With you gone, there seems no reason to dress up,
As there would be no longing eyes looking at me with love..

The day passes in a blur,
Nothing can make me smile as your voice..

Talk to me once,
And tell me how much I mean to you..

Listen to me, I want to talk to you for hours,
Telling you every tiny stuff..

Without you, even the best of food,
Seems tasteless to my taste buds..

Even the finest chocolates,
Fail to taste as divine as your soft lips..

Even the softest pillow,
Seems harder than your warm embrace..

Memories run through my eyes,
Every time my phone blinks, I wish it was you..

Without you my world is so dark,
Like a tunnel with no light..

Dreams have deserted my eyes,
Hope has bereft my soul..

Oh love, where are you ?
Do you miss me as much as I do ?



19 thoughts on “Without You…

  1. We humans are so naive that we don’t value persons around us sometimes, but we realize their true value once they are gone. When someone is around us, it becomes “Mundane”. And when they leave us, the same “Mundane” is replaced by “Miss her/him”. Strange but true…!!

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    • Hey Karthik, welcome to decodinghappiness 🙂

      I so much agree with your view.. But somehow, I differ.. May be we have always valued their presence, but the sudden void they create make us yearn for their presence in your lives. The indifference they show towards our existence, is what hurts the most ! (Some random thoughts) 🙂


      • There might also be the case when they are hurt more than us and that’s why they chose to leave.
        Anyways, I feel one should always speak their heart out when he/she misses/loves his/her partner. We never know that they miss/love us more than we do.


  2. A very touching sentiment I must say. Odd how we must find inner strength at a time of loss that makes us weak. As long as you keep that person in your heart, they are never far away. I loved this poem, a wonderful way to deal with the loss of a loved one.

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    • Awwww… ” As long as you keep that person in your heart, they are never far away.” I love this thought of yours… And thanks for feeling one with the feelings behind this post !! You indeed read in-between the lines 🙂

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