I am An Encouraging Thunder….


I got the Encouraging Thunder award from my sister from another nation-Mon (Thanks so much Mon! You have made my WP journey so memorable 🙂 )

Purpose in blogging:

  • To decode happiness and spread smiles
  • To share vulnerable sides of myself so others can relate
  • To express in words what I sometimes fail to say in person
  • To connect with people, make friends without borders and learn from them
  • To inspire and be inspired
  • To have a collection of my write ups
  • To write, write and write… It is one thing I truly love and gives me inner joy and peace
  • To reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad !! I love to read. It gives me whole new perspectives and ponder on thoughts which are sometimes a life changer
  • To spread love with kind words
  • To make peace with myself through writing
  • To share wisdom I learnt from 23 years on earth.

Here are my Nominees:

Rules for Accepting The Award:

  •  Post it on your blog.
  •  Add the Encouraging Thunder logo.
  •  Grant other bloggers the award.
  •  Mention your purpose in blogging.
  •  Thanks the person who nominated you.

77 thoughts on “I am An Encouraging Thunder….

  1. I actually clicked the like button before reading it, and when I did, it’s like, “Wait, Viera is my name, isn’t it? So this is me she’s nominating, right?” Hahaha.
    Thank u for the nomination and u deserve that one Himali. 🙂 Now I must follow the rules, but I can’t right mow, I’m using the mobile app and I don’t know how to do the nominating here :/

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congratulations on this award, Himali! Your blog is certainly deserving of it! Thank you for nominating my blog. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in doing so. I’ll be happy to accept!


    Liked by 2 people

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