Etched, In Invisible Ink <3

Mumbai Monsoon : My Photography :)
Mumbai Monsoon : My Photography πŸ™‚

I look out of the car,
Hazy are the scenes I see..

Tiny drops of rain,
Settle on the glass pane..

A warm breath I draw,
And blow it on the window..

Quickly I scribble our names together,
Enveloped in a heart frame..

I watch it fizzle away with the cool air,
The coldness of the moment made my joy melt away..

A void felt my heart,
Was this what we meant to be ?

Together, momentarily ?
To be wiped out by the wind ?

So hard I tried to fight the urge,
But a tear yet escaped the corner of my eye..

Suddenly the car came to a screeching halt,
I looked at him confused..

As if the whirlwind in my heart,
Reflected in his solemn grey eyes..

Squeezing my hand a bit tighter,
A heart he made on my palm with his finger..

Then scribbled our names in that,
And he looked at me with joy..

Perplexed I tried to gauge,
I could see twinkle in his eyes..

Together, forever, he said,
Till the wind wipes away our names..

I smiled and looked at my palm,
Our names eternally engraved..

Carved out in invisible ink,
Of love and care, none but we could see..

Smiling to myself sheepishly,
I closed my palm and looked away..

He held my hand again,
Entangled his fingers in mine..

Pressing the tattoo against my hand too,
Saying he never left my hand again..



61 thoughts on “Etched, In Invisible Ink <3

  1. Glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog, this was very sweet and romantic poem. Liked it very much the theme and the way you wrote it.
    By the way, those monsoon rains….phew! better not catch you outside.
    Looking forward to exploring your blog with more time on my hands.


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