Post It Notes

A Rough Scribbled Draft : Post It Notes
A Rough Scribbled Draft : Post It Notes

Being a little forgetful, I find stick on notes, post it notes & random pieces of paper so useful to scribble out some important stuff like my “To Do List”, some random stuff I hear and which impresses me a lot, telephone nos., etc. I roughly pen down a lot of my ideas into paper and then years later when I look at them, it makes me time travel !! 😀

This is a small dedication to one the most useful invention for forgetful humans like me :

The little things I forget,

You remind me so gently..

My scribbled letters,

You hold on so gracefully..

I bury you in my bag or leave you hanging,

On doors, on tables and places so strange..

You never fret, you never complain,

Although I may crumple you into a waste box..

Tic tac we played in boring lectures, crushes we shared,

Playing ‘FLAMES’ in our teenage days..

Alongside my textbooks and highlighters,

During my “studious” days…

You were my savior in exams,

Holding my precious handwritten IMP notes..

On you, blossomed love stories,

Paper chats in silent libraries..

Random pieces of wisdom, you hold so well,

That remain timeless, although discovered after ages..

In spite of being forgetful as hell,

You make my life a singing bell 🙂

47 thoughts on “Post It Notes

  1. What a wonderful use of those post it notes you have made, with that poem and all. We only use it for sticking it on the wall on month end showing how much money each have to pay for messing. (I live with my friends). 😛

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  2. Hey Himali!! Firstly, Your name has such a great ring to it and Secondly, thank you ever so much for stopping by my blog!! Your blog is commendable… yep!! you got that right himali.. you are decoding happiness.. Like this post,got me smiling!!Post its!!
    Much love,
    Noorain!! xoxoxo


  3. Loved your blog!! They are really utilitarian in our day to day life. Most of us are sticky to these sticky notes. You can count me on likewise 🙂

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  4. The older we get, the more sticky notes we need. I feel like I’m too young for this but I have to use them 🙂 Busy mind. Love the poem!


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