Chocolate, You’re Sweeter than chocolates

Heart full of chocolates

I was waiting by the street for her. She had messaged me that morning at 6 AM : “In no particular mood to meet you. BUT I will be coming, just because mom & dad have asked me to.” Part of me was happy as hell. I was about to board my flight for Mumbai when I received this message from her. I felt like dancing and singing aloud with excitement. Part of me, my egoist self; was fuming as hell. What did she mean ? How rude and mean of her to say that she didn’t want to come, but was coming for name sake. Before I could figure out what reply to send, I was seated in my seat and the air hostess was requesting me to turnoff my mobile network as she had caught me typing and deleting things in my mobile. With a smile, I obliged; but not before sending a quick reply “Will be waiting <3”. Finally my love won over my anger and I was happy as a lark. I was grinning through the entire journey and my fellow passengers were looking at me perplexed!

The previous night we had a major argument, which was why I got that ‘cold’ message from her today. Yesterday evening she had sent her final verdict saying she wouldn’t be coming to meet. But somehow, my gut told me she will come (I was so sure that even after that message, I packed in my luggage 2 boxes of her favorite sweets). And here she is..

I see her coming from a distance. She is dressed in a black jeans and a beautiful yellow top which has little flowers on them. Her hair was open and the wind was slightly playing with them. I was mesmerized looking at her. When she was inches away from me, I could recognize her fragrance from her deo and her freshly shampooed hair. There was slight hint of kohl around her eyes which left me staring at her.. She snapped her fingers to bring me back to my senses and again I was noticing the watch around her wrist. It was the one we had jointly shopped some time back. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. But my brain signaled me “3 hours 5 minutes”. Unfortunately my halt at Mumbai Airport was only for 5 hours and considering my check in and commuting time, I had only 3 hours 5 minutes with her. I wanted to make the most of my remaining 3 hours and 3 minutes with her.

But fate had other plans. The place where we headed to, turned to be a huge cricket ground and we could only sit on the outer side of the ground. A lot of people were jogging around, some were strolling leisurely and some came out with their pet dogs for a morning walk. She had brought some breakfast for us from home, and it filled my heart with joy. Though I wasn’t much hungry, I couldn’t say no to her.

To my dismay, we spent the first one and half hour arguing. It wasn’t pleasant.  But I don’t know why, somehow I’d lose track of what she was saying and I wanted to kiss her so badly then. We were at a public place, so I had to hold on to the urge to kiss her hard.

She was almost ready to leave early. We walked to the end of the street and I suddenly spotted our favorite café and to my surprise, it was open at 9:50 AM. We went to the café at her request and instantly as we entered the café, it seemed that all the tension between us disappeared. Like we had left those parts of ourselves somewhere behind and the calm ambiance engulfed us. The walls of anger melted away and a beautiful bridge of love emerged. I lovingly call her ‘Chocolate’ and hence, I ordered a chocolate pastry with ice cream for us. There was some magic in that place. It made us feel so warm and close that we started talking about good things and slowly reconciled the arguments. I stroked the back of her palm with mine, gently and her face brightened up. We fed each other the pastry. The sweetness of the chocolate pastry from her spoon and her animated actions while talking was overwhelming for me. I gently pecked her forehead and she was blushing. Just then I checked my watch.

I figured out that I was slightly off my schedule. So instead of catching the local train, I decided to find a cab. We were to go to opposite directions, so I thought of dropping her to the nearest station and then leaving for the airport. With an angelic look, she offered to accompany me to the airport and then head back home. I was so happy that I wanted to hug her right away. We hailed a cab and she seated herself on the left hand side, as she didn’t like the drivers looking at her through the rear view mirror. I chucked a bit and sitting next to her, pushed our bags in the corner.

Holding her hand I was looking at her dimpled smile. I tried hard to concentrate on what she was talking, but I was losing track time and again. We were driving through a highway and the traffic was pretty less. The next moment, my lips met her. My Chocolate didn’t taste chocolaty. She was sweeter. She was softer. She melted right away. She kissed me back. The heavenly moment lasted only for a few seconds as our car met a slight pothole. But those finite seconds seemed infinity to me. Like I had found my bit of heaven in this world. Inwardly, I cursed the municipal corporations for such terrible roads. She smiled at me. I just had my first kiss, in a cab, in a public street !! I was smiling and blushing.

With her sitting beside me and talking, time flew away and her destination had come. She was about to get down, when I pulled her close and whispered in her ear : “Chocolate, you are sweeter than chocolates “. She was biting her lower lip and it said it all. After she left, in a few minutes, we arrived at the airport and I was taking out my wallet to pay the driver the pre decided sum, when he said : “Maine aapko kuch nahi bola. Kuch to extra de do. (I didn’t say anything to you guys. I’d be grateful if you’d pay me a bit extra)”. Handing him a generous tip, I rushed to the airport. I was the last passenger to board the flight. The flight attendant came to my seat sometime later and offered me complementary chocolates.

Smiling to her I denied, because I didn’t want to lose the flavor of my Chocolate so soon.



92 thoughts on “Chocolate, You’re Sweeter than chocolates

    • Thanks Mino. Hope you liked the short story 😀 and yeah I too love the name Chocolate and chocolates too 😊😀
      Chocolate was my nickname for a lot of time and hence really special to me, making me name the female protagonist for this story as Chocolate 🍫🍫🍫


  1. The “First’s” in life are always so special that you remember them forever even after that activity becomes a routine…!! It’s so wonderfully written that I couldn’t stop myself going back into the flashback. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Prakash that you for your lovely comment.. It made me remind that a beautiful rainbow can be formed only when the rain mingles with the sun 🙂
      I guess ‘Chocolate’ is sweeter, what say ? 😉


        • Hehe.. I meant the girl Chocolate PH 😀 and yeah thanks for the compliment ! I’m truly humbled 🙂 thanks for reading this long read with so much patience. . I sometimes wonder (my brain- to be precise), when I write such lengthy writeups, will someone have the time or patience to read till the very end ? But my heart whispers, write not for reads.. write for you, write for hearts 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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