Flowers of Love


Day and night he toiled,
Much before the sunrise,
His day would begin..

Minutes before midnight,
As the cool breeze wiped away,
The sweat on his brow,
He retired home..

A few hours of sleep,
On a crumpled muddy floor,
Before his next day’s struggle would begin..

Delicate, beautiful and fragrant,
Flowers he sold for a living,
But, could never afford to offer her,
A single jasmine “gajra”..

It was her birthday the next day,
The whole day he struggled,
Collecting varied scattered flowers,
That’d fall off from the customers purchase..

Before the dust or footsteps,
Could crumple their beauty,
He gently collected them with love,
And put them in a bowl of water,
To keep them fresh and blooming..

That night, at 12, she was spellbound,
Receiving the most precious ‘gajra’,
Lilies, jasmines, roses red and pink,
Tears brimmed her eyes,
As he lovingly adorned it around her balding hair..

Next morning, she never woke up,
Succumbed to death by cancer,
A content smile lightened her face,
Knowing her last wish, was so lovingly fulfilled..

Note : A ‘Gajra’ is a flower garland worn around the hair by women in Asia.

179 thoughts on “Flowers of Love

  1. She must be fortunate lady that she found such a sweet soul as her lover who through out the day worked hard to fulfil the last wish of her lady love.
    As always you deliver the post with picture perfect manner typical


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  2. Wow. Flower, lover, and a bit of shower in my eyes. Happy shower because her last wish was fulfilled. Very nice Himali, it’s great to have someone who cares for you so much… In all times. Very touching one. πŸ™‚

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  3. Flowers are such a trigger of our emotions aren’t they? As I mentioned sometime ago on another Blog, I once met a young girl who lived on the street and, in order to eat, she sold red roses to people who passed. Her life was one of rejection. No love. It was sad (and ironic) that she was trying to survive by selling the one flower that is symbolic of all that she wanted, but did not have.

    Very well written Himali.

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    • That’s so heartbreaking Colin. An absolute iron 😦 sometimes we never know the struggle behind the people we come across in our everyday lives . The little girl, I feel really sad knowing about her plight. Wish her and all such souls in distress lots of love and peace. Hope God sends their guardian angels to being warmth to their souls 😊

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    • Preeti,
      What a wonderful co-incident, just now, we subscribed to each other blog, and I was reading your very emotional post, “US” and commented on it and straightway this post by my dearest friend, two very sweet and lovely posts back to back by two lovely and sweet soul, What else one wants in life????.
      Thanks for subscribing to my blog, I too subscribed to your blog, my blog will be always waiting for your very precious and powerful presence, I wish, waiting period will not be too much longer, am I expecting too much from my very sweet,lovely and creative new friend??????????, no, I am expecting very little.
      All the best to you as well as Himali for constant progress in your blogging as well as in every field of your life.

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  4. A lovely poem that tells a story…just what i love. I like the picture of a hardworking man who depicts reality of life…and it took an unexpected turn…i mean the figure of his love! Truly a great piece. Well done.

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    • Thank u so much. . I’m glad you appreciated the hard working man.. Indeed it is a poignant reality of life. Thank u again for reading along and your kind words of encouragement πŸ™‚


    • Hello Michelle, I am blessed to have a kind and encouraging friend like you πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your kind words. Keep smiling my friend πŸ™‚ I love your poems too.. They are so deep and beautiful πŸ™‚


  5. Namaste Himali,

    Love waits for her beyond the endless sleep of death,
    She now a bride for Eternity, nourished by God’s breath,
    Her Rose impressed in memory, her spirit alive for posterity,
    She flowers always in Serenity, her Love cherished by Conservancy.

    Good luck with the exams. God Bless. Namaste πŸ™‚



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