Reflection of My Soul : Unbound



92 thoughts on “Reflection of My Soul : Unbound

  1. Wow. Very beautiful Himali. Some people are always there for us, though at a distance, but always in time. It is not important whether people hold hands while walking or not, it is important that one holds the hand when the other one is falling. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. So beautiful Himali. That made me smile, reminded me of what I like to term God or Source. Whenever I am in doubt I look to the sky for a sign and as I bring my gaze back to earth and there will always be someone waiting to bring some light to that doubt…thank you for sharing.

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    • Thanks for sharing this lovely thought!
      There is a beautiful song whose lyrics I recall :

      Dhundla jaye jo manzile,
      Ek pal ko tu nazar juka,
      Teri kismat tu badal de,
      Rakh himmat bus chal de,
      Tere sath hi, mere kadmo ke hai nishaan,
      Tu na jaaane aaspas hai khuda

      Translation :

      If your goals become Hazy,
      Close your eyes for a moment,
      Have faith and courage,
      And walk on your path Fearless,
      Besides you, are my footprints,
      You may not realise,
      But God is somewhere around you. .

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