Reflection of My Soul : Unplugged


As I wrote this quote last evening, my eyes welled with unshed tears. Though I love quotes a lot, I never thought that something would ever, move me so deeply; that I’d write one myself one day. Perhaps, that’s the beauty of life. It presents you with bounteous surprises.

The things that struck me to the core yesterday were :

1. It happens for a reason

2. Far or near, everyone you meet, becomes a part of you in some ways.

Let me share how these two things are beautifully intertwined. My friend Donna shared a post of a 1000 piece puzzle. It amazed me entirely as to how can a human mind solve such a massive and complex puzzle with such intricacies. Till date, I had this question looming over my mind. (This bit of information might appear something out of the blue right now, but read till the very end)

Often, we complain about our lives to God as to “Why Me ?” “Why this ?” “Why not that ?”. Such questions go unanswered at those emotionally excruciating moments. But then, sometime later, maybe days, months, years or even decades later, we get all our answers. That too, without anyone telling us. With self-realization or some miracle of destiny. That is when we understand that: “It happens for a Reason “.


Now go back, and relate life with a million piece magnificent labyrinthine puzzle. At one point in time, we lose track, we almost are on the verge of giving up, because we don’t understand what’s happening and why. Where we are headed and where is life driving us to.. BUT, as in the puzzle, you can solve it only if you focus on the larger picture and the tiny details combined together, so it is with life. When we’re strangled and stuck at a particular moment, we hardly understand why and what is happening. With the passage of time, as life unfolds, a lot of things of the larger picture come into our knowledge. And that’s the Eureka moment. Moment of truth. The moment we understand the larger picture of life, every odd piece of the puzzle falls in place. Every question gets automatically answered and we understand “It happens for a reason”.

For the second aspect, I’d like to share a quote which I found really beautiful :

unnamed (17)

Every single word in this quote is so true. Every soul who comes in our life, has something to share, something to give, something to teach us. It is just that some stay longer, while some come and go. But they leave their imprints etched on our heart and mind. Even as they go, they shape and mold us in a lot of aspects. And if we look back, we are never what we were. We evolve, constantly. All the amazing people we meet in our lives have their role to play in our molding. Just like a potter constantly heats and beats the clay, we are loved, cared for, battered and bruised by the people who walk in our lives. Each of them has a part to play in this movie of life. They make us who we are. And that is how they become an eternal part of our us.

Now, try to connect both the aspects. Has it happened that along this journey of life, you have lost someone you truly loved and cherished? A parent, a child, a friend, a relative, a teacher, a pet, a neighbor or a lover? You might have waged wars with the heavens and cried till your eyes were bloodshot red. Cursed life, decided to give up or questioned life for its atrocity.

But my friend, in the long run, someday you will realize, that it happens for a reason. And the fact that you have never lost them.

They remain with you. In your soul. In your shadow. They are the inspiration behind every single deed you do. They are in fact,  a part of you. A piece of your sky which walks with you wherever you go. Even if you escape into the galaxies unknown, they will accompany you.. As a reflection of your soul.



108 thoughts on “Reflection of My Soul : Unplugged

  1. Himali I am blown away what a beautiful piece. So compelling such a good view on life and the quote is amazing. I can’t find the words☺ please allow me to reblog this. This is the best post I have read this week by far☺

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  2. Reblogged this on wafflemethis and commented:
    I read this this morning by my good friend Himali and it blew me away and kind of goes with my soul mate post from last week.
    But this is the best post I have read all week☺

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  3. Wow Himali. Reading this really answers most of my questions, very well written. The quotes are amazing. Yes. People never leave us, they are always with us, in our defection of our soul. I will never think from now that why some happens only with me! There is a reason for that, which will be decoded with time, decoding happiness… 🙂 😉
    Thank you Himali.. Have a good day.

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  4. Such truth and wisdom in your words, my friend, and you are so right…everything happens just as it is meant to at that moment. I have had many a painful moment and wondered…Why? Why me? But we are constantly changing, evolving, being created anew…and It is the bigger picture we must aspire to…as will all become clear in the end! Hope and Love our daily companions. Your words are the craftsmanship of a beautiful and compassionate heart. Thank you dear friend for creating and sharing such loving pearls of wisdom. Take good care 🙂 xx

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    • Thank you so much Krys, I am much thankful to the Almighty for blessing me a lovely friend like you, who is a motherly figure and an inspiration to me 🙂 Let us be thankful for all the blessings we have, and all the stumbling blocks. They have made us what we are today. Sending you love, hugs and peace ❤
      Keep smiling… Wish you a blessed week ahead ❤

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  5. You can never replace anyone because everyone is made up of such beautiful specific details. And every experience with these each one adds new dimension to your character without your acknowledgment. 🙂 Indeed a very beautiful writeup 🙂 A beautiful truth bared with such intricate details 🙂

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  6. Totally agree. It needs either foresight or hindsight to see the bigger picture and the bigger plan.

    I had a bizarre experience during Mumbai bomb blasts, which I shared in an older post :

    I was indeed hit with epiphany , or as you put it ‘Eureka’ moment.

    Your post also brought to mind the saying – Some people come into your lives as a gift, others come as a lesson. Cheers!

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  7. Hi Himali – That was so well presented and brought back memories of long ago when a stranger entered my world very briefly, and changed my whole perspective on life from that point onwards. Thank you. 🙂

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  8. That is right Himali
    Everything happens in our life has a reason and wisdom
    Everyone we meet near or far affects our life
    Well written Himali

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  9. Beautiful, beautiful thoughts of a beautiful soul. We all are here for each other in order to support our growth. Some for one task some as companions. But all of them are sent from love – no matter what they taught us or why and how they have to leave again.


  10. I don’t know how people in our life become the so indispensable part that we usually don’t even dream to let them go. Some reasons do not even matter. Reason or people is as subjective as human mind. You can let go one of other. Or you try to build a bridge between them. The irony is just to crack the right time for anything. Nothing stays last in long run and as you said, see the bigger picture of life. Life is itself beautiful, we do not need to go in each and every intricacies on living. It is meant for living not really to think on how to live.

    Yes people come and go.. But memories stays forever. The matters we deal will be a past soon.

    Yet the only thing to remember is not to weigh reason higher than a person and never leave a person without any reason. Life is complex, we all know. We do not need to puzzle it further.

    Live the life the way life lives with you.


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