Will You Hold My Hand ??


When I stumble along the walk of life,
Will you hold my hand ?

When I fear while crossing the crossroads,
Will you be there, to hold my hand tight ?

When I need a shoulder to cry,
Will you be there, to comfort my tears ?

When I need someone to listen to my chatter,
Will you keep up all night for me ?

When I want to go on adventures,
Will you be my crazy best friend, I play dares with ?

When I fall sick someday,
Will you sit besides me and force me to have some soup ?

When I fall asleep reading a book,
Will you be there, to remove my glasses and cover me with a blanket ?

When I fumble and my hands shiver with fear,
Will you be there, to assure me that you’re holding on to my back ?

When I make disasters in kitchen,
Will you help me clean them up ?

When I’m drained after a long day’s work,
Will you serve me with hot dinner and coke ?

When I want to watch my chick flicks,
Will you accompany me and fight for popcorn with me ?

When I grow old and my vision blurs with missing teeth,
Will you still, hold my hand and say that you love me ?



162 thoughts on “Will You Hold My Hand ??

  1. Beautifully written and to this, I can say that my parents have already fulfilled the majority of these wishes and gone beyond. What more can one need? We sometimes fail to see what’s before us when we go in pursuit of something beyond our reach. Of course, that isn’t to say that such selfles love doesn’t exist anywhere else or that it always exists in parental love. But, this poem made me realize how blessed I am and how blind I can be sometimes when I fail to understand that. So, thanks. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚ Take care. β™₯

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  2. This is so sweet Himali. I can imagine each and every instance you have mentioned in here. These small things means the world to us. How amazing is to spend life with such small and cute feelings till the last breath. Very well written Himali.
    And the umbrella in the image.. Wow..

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  3. It’s beautiful….
    Maybe I wanted to read this only today and it made my day.
    It again touched my heart ❀ you’re so good at it 😊

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  4. So original and amazingly written😍😍😊😊 I really love the poem.Is it you in yhe picture?It looks like a romantic scene from a movie I really like the postπŸ‘πŸ‘

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    • Thank you so much Colin ! πŸ™‚
      I wanted a little help of yours on a small aspect of an Idiom if you could please help.

      I’m trying to figure out whether : One of Its kind is correct usage of the Idiom One of a kind. I am a little confused 😯


      • “one of a kind” would infer that it is unique. “One of it’s kind” is a little unusual but would infer that there are more.

        i.e. Himali is a “one of a kind” person.

        Given that there are different kinds of cars, a particular model could be described as “one of its kind”
        but it is an unusual choice of words.

        Also “I wanted a little help of yours” should really be “I wanted a little help from you” πŸ™‚

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            • I would really appreciate if you point out my errors with out any hesitation πŸ™‚ I always strive to learn and become better ! Haven’t been much in touch with Wren & Martin these days πŸ™‚ But I really am thankful to you Colin.

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              • Ok…. then your comment should read:

                “I would really appreciate it if you would point out my errors without any hesitation. I am always striving to learn and become better.” note the IT and the WOULD inserted

                Even better would be “…….without hesitation, as I am always striving to improve” (note better flow due to pause after “hesitation”. One sentence like this reads smoother than your two short sentences. πŸ™‚

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  5. Ah.. Love.. Innate Gift in small child’s eyes connecting to child of play..
    Ah.. Love.. Gift that Grows in those eyes of play..
    Oh… World.. you bring Routines.. Responsibilities that go so far beyond play and forager way..
    Oh.. Nature.. GOD’s Hand.. you bring Attractions.. to the opposite sex..
    Oh .. Sex.. Confusing.. is it Play.. is it Love.. Yes.. it is Nature’s greaTEST deLight..
    Oh.. Connection.. to raise children.. where males become more nurturing.. like Mothers too..
    Oh.. Play.. oh Friends.. when we look into our Lover’s eyes..
    Oh.. Laughs.. oh Differences of Personalities and Genders reign..
    Oh.. Tolerance and Acceptance of little child’s eyes of play..
    Oh.. Love.. Oh Love.. is in the adult eyes of childhood Friend and Lover same..
    May yOur Paths of Life and Journey reach many eyes like this..
    Whether Lover or childhood friend


    as Eyes of Child..:)

    Every New Connection of Friendship is a New Life in Skeyes of God..

    And you my New Friend are Skeyes of Child who does not forget THE PLAY..:)

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      • I’m not really talented.. just Alive wITh Love..
        the greaTEST lesson for me IS
        Feelings Now..
        and letting
        know go
        to talk is nice
        to connect
        is ART
        is the
        of Human Being..:)

        And that is just my way
        of telling you.. you are always
        welcome friend.. with 55 years
        of practice one should
        learn how to be
        a greatest
        of ALL..
        it beats
        all the money
        in the World..:)


          • Smiles.. humility is truly the greatest
            strength and pride literally
            will make a person
            weaker.. these
            are not just
            they are
            laws of
            nature.. we
            humans are like
            Bonobos.. we innately
            are evolving to LOVE..
            all those other things..
            make us weak and
            my military gym
            friends do not
            believe them
            when i tell
            them the
            reason i
            can leg
            press 930
            LBS with
            my legs
            25 times
            and surely
            with my arms raised
            over head is because
            of LOVE.. but it is as
            i warm up with
            ballet.. and
            they see
            me as
            they see
            me Press
            that weight..
            i am the
            change i
            want to
            see my friend..
            and as the real
            definition of Karma
            IS.. we reap what we
            sow by what we do NOW
            and if we do nothing
            we have no Karma
            at all.. the ‘Gita’ is
            among my
            by A
            a topic
            for another
            time as well..
            i follow Love
            wherever it
            goes and
            visit hate
            to keep
            IN LOVE
            but online
            most of the
            time HATE
            BANS ME
            I can’t
            go back..
            true too..
            but i am literally
            a “Tsunami of Love”
            too.. with a recent
            free verse epic poem
            of 24K words.. yes it
            truly exists.. you can
            search it on Google
            haha!.. so that
            is why i must tell
            myself to stop
            i drown
            your blog
            with the
            of me..
            the Energizer
            Bunny is Fun..
            but after
            awhile as
            my wife says
            Disney World
            Rides are no
            but i love
            it when i
            feel GOD
            mouth or
            feet.. it’s
            so hard
            to stop..
            after living
            life so long
            without THAT
            my NEW friend..
            and oh by the way..
            as part of my Asperger’s
            in a Hyperlexic form of
            that with no speech
            until 4 years old..
            i read 10 to 15
            times faster
            than the
            and type
            so yeah.. that’s
            pArt of what creates
            a Tsunami of LOVE..
            When i dance.. sing..
            and write poetry some
            folks think it is pride
            and drawing
            attention to
            myself but
            it is just
            Light shining
            from GOD
            that draws
            that attention..
            i WILL Love someone
            to SHINE me with Love
            like this but it is not
            something that
            most seem
            to be into..
            and that
            from not
            our most
            muscle my
            THE LOVE
            MUSCLE THAT
            FLOWS WHEN
            ONE JUST
            LIKE THIS.. YES!
            OMG LIKE THIS..:)

            from now on.. for your readers..
            as i FEEL YOUR LOVE MUSCLE
            with smiles and giggles too.. my friend..:)

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  6. The greatest irony happens when we have those people around us and we fail to understand their value and their importance in our life. These people are our Parents, Friends and Loved Ones…!! We must recognise their efforts and appreciate their importance in our life for making the life even more beautiful…!!

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  7. No new blog post yet.. but i will say hi anyway.. and left you
    some samples of my dance walking on the beach.. and
    Super-Walmart in reverse haha!.. back at my
    place where you comment
    last.. it’s nice to share
    art with other folks..
    if it is hilarious too..:)

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  8. Honestly you are special. If I organized a writing contest, you would be first even without participating ha! ha! ha!. Your writing is captivating or should I say magnetic? You are a genius. Bravo! I have no doubt the world will hear about you. Then I will proudly say I journeyed with you on the net for some time. I love everything of yours including your smile ha ha!.

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    • Thank you so much Sir ! Such words of appreciation and encouragement coming from a persona like you is indeed a blessing. I am so glad to read your inspiring posts which fills me with much enthusiasm and positivity. Thank you you so much again for being my inspiration 😊


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