Do What You Love !

My quote in painting :)
My quote in painting 🙂

Do what you love. Not because you are the best at it. Not because someone likes it. Do what you love. But don’t do it ‘Because’. Let your love for it be the motivation. Do it for your passion. They may flatter you, they may criticize you, they may admire you, they might call you crazy ! Don’t let anything keep you away from your doing what you love. It may be singing in the shower, smearing the floor with paints rather than the canvas, writing with imperfect grammar, dancing with two left feet or anything that gives you joy 🙂 Live your dreams, discover your calling and chase your passion. Pour your heart and soul into doing the things you love. And you will not be the same person when you look back much later. It brings happiness and satisfaction, unbound.

I am not a painter, I paint nonetheless. I have long lost memories of my grammar lessons and figures of speech, I write despite. Because it is only by doing what I love, I get better at it. Fear of failure or criticisms should not hold you back, live your dreams !

57 thoughts on “Do What You Love !

  1. Wow very beautiful painting!! Ek number… And yes, very well said about following our passion. we should keep doing what we love, because it is what that gives us the real happiness.. Passion is fuel to satisfaction.. 🙂

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  2. A beautiful painting which only proves your words. Very true words, Himali!!! Whatever you do, do it with love and never ever stop doing things you love for what reason ever!!! Wonderful post 😘


  3. First of all.. i Love your painting that says in Magical colors of flowered heArt.. and rainbow colors of grass and more that “Love is magic One of a kind” by Himali.. with red outline of Heart as well.. and so often it is the strongest muse of Love either gained or lost that inspires the greaTEST ARTS of all or creation for the everyNOW grind of survival we see in Nature..

    And one of the greatest measurements of this Magic of Love in Human Creativity that i am exposed to in life is the Legend of Coral Castle and the reality of that place in Homestead Florida where a Latvian man spends 28 years alone building a castle in dedication to his ideal of his sweet sixteen girl friend who walks out on him in promise of marriage day when he is young.. all alone this man suggests that he learns the secrets of building the pyramids of old.. and builds this coral castle alone with blocks as big as 30 tons seamlessly placed together so well without mortar that no light will escape through the tonnage of bricks..

    And the Legend pArt of this great Art inspired by ideal of Love.. reports young people sneaking into watch him at night.. and seeing him somehow floating the big blocks like hydrogen balloons.. but the science of it suggests he uses a complicated leverage system.. him alone at a little over 100 LBS before his death.. in his 60’s.. accomplishing this great feat of human potential in working with Nature’s Laws of doing great ART in accord with those Laws of Nature..

    And in Nature i am always inspired by the life’s work ART in Shell of Nautilus still preserved for five hundred million years in fossils as these relatively tiny sea creatures are some of the greatest artists of Nature as we still currently see .. and just to imagine how those first Nautilus Creature’s LIFE ART will not see the LIGHT of FuLL significance and meaning OF IT.. until humans discover it 500 million years later.. and see the same Golden Spiral Mean of 1.618 PHI in the intrinsic design of the Nautilus Shell with shape reflecting the human constructed 6 and 9 symbols of Numbers.. Galaxies.. Sunflowers.. Fetuses.. Hurricanes.. and the Curled Cat Asleep.. and truly reflecting the greatest ART of GOD THAT ALL IS Interdependently connected and related in our existence.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below.. and all around us..

    Yes.. from the Smallest Artisans of Life

    LIGHT greaTEST TRUTHS of Life
    that we my friend are ALL
    in this game of
    FOR NOW!
    AND this story is
    my Friendship Day
    belated gift to you..
    My New Friend in Kind
    and Courage
    of Unconditional
    LOVE.. tHere
    need be no
    barriers in
    the power
    of this Love
    of miles
    or time..
    age.. race..
    creed.. nationalism
    tribalism.. or any
    other differences
    that exist between
    human beings..
    and Coral
    and the
    are among
    my greaTEST
    Muses for
    JUST THAT..:)
    Oh.. and when the
    Beatles say
    and YOU my
    friend and
    ON THE

    Also too.. is it OK
    if i share your
    on my blog..?…:)


  4. This topic always comes down to “Be yourself” because, you can never truly be anybody else. Happiness is not living according to others expectations. Happiness is being you. Happiness is thinking what a lovely person you are …… and believing it!

    Doing what you love is justified pampering and exploiting all that you are because, who you are is the person that you should love without any reservations.


  5. Great lesson Himali
    I needed to hear that
    Sometimes I feel hesitated to write comments cause I fear of making mistakes
    Thanks Himali


  6. HECK YA! I looovvvvveeee this message. I feel the same way. Do you remember the song I wrote in a comment to you once, about the Little Drummer Boy and him playing for the kind. That’s just it. He wasn’t perfect. But he did his very best with what he had. Yes, yes, yes.
    Love this post Himali, and of course your painting is adorable.
    Hugs and love, my sweet friend.
    🙂 ❤


  7. My sentiments exactly, do what you love! Sometimes doing what you love meets with a brick wall…work outside the box. A flowing river always finds away around any wall. Find a way to express your passion and don’t be discouraged in the face of discouragement! Love your painting Himali. An inspiring piece…well done.


  8. As long as you love it does not matter if you are not the best. People should start thinking about this instead of doing something just to gain a reward. I mean what is the point of even starting an activity if you are not passionate about it?
    Your drawings are very cute and I really enjoy the reading.


  9. What a very precious and beautiful message to read upon waking this morning. True, so true and so wise and I wish I had chased my dreams and passions years ago. Ah well, life got kind of complex and rather tangled up. Now I am unravelling the strands and trying to get to know myself better.
    Lovely spontaneous, colourful and bright Artwork.
    Your positivity to Life Himali is inspirational and infectious and thank you so much for that.
    I hope you are well and happy. I have been busy trying to garden in between the rain showers and then catching up with my own, also lots of household commitments, so my presence here has been somewhat erratic, and I apologise for that as I have missed connecting with my WP friends. Take good care and keep shining your light for the World…it is a gift and a treasure! Have a glorious day, and week ahead. 🙂


  10. I love to be here now on this lovely site reading what you have written and liking and commenting. That is exactly what I am doing now. Truly it gives joy. I also love writing posts and sharing on my site and it gives me great joy. You are right. Your post is lovely indeed. You have a great mind. Bravo!

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  11. Good happiness lesson

    Thanks you are awesome writer good human being last but not the least
    Excellent motivator.

    Keep inspiring people around you.


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