My Dearest Teacher


Had you not held my hand,
When I stumbled, on way to meet knowledge,
I would have been lost..

Had you not answered the questions of my curious mind
Which, to everyone else might have seemed so lame,
I would have been a half-baked pot..

You saw me as a raw uncut diamond,
You rigorously polished my edges,
Chiseled me into a beautiful sparkling diamond..

To you my dear teacher, I owe everything I am today,
You nurtured the garden of my mind and soul,
With your tender care and sometimes harsh pruning..

At times, I failed to see, what I am capable of doing,
You pushed me off the cliff with a smile,
And when I came across the skies, flying with my wings,
I am sure, your heart beamed with pride..

The lessons you taught from your heart,
And those from the books,
Built the foundations of my life..

You have a heart of gold and the touch of Midas,
Turning every student you touch,
A priceless diamond..

For you I wish, a bouquet of blessings,
And love so abundant with smiles sprinkled along..

~ Himali Shah

Behind the person we are today, there is always a teacher. A teacher who saw us as their own child. Who saw us as a child with infinite potential. Who helped us unleash our real selves. Who saw the hidden talents and creative genius in us. Who corrected us when we were wrong and disciplined us when we went haywire.

Have you had such a teacher ? I am sure you do, close your eyes and thank them for all the contribution they have made in making you the beautiful talented person you are today.


84 thoughts on “My Dearest Teacher

  1. I do not forget my lovely teacher at primary school..his name was Ramsees ..he believed in me..encouraged me..and respect was matual between us
    After primary school I met him in the street several times and we shake hands and talk
    He was a very nice person
    Thank you Himali
    You made me remember happy days in my life ..

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    • Awwww.. Thank you for sharing your memories, Soheir. I still remember my Class 1 teacher Miss Fernandis, who was my class teacher then; my class 11 class teacher, my tutor and some of my college teachers. I am indebted to them for all their love and knowledge.

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  2. Sometimes there is at least one teacher that stands out in your mind as being extra special . Mine was my 8th grade English teacher. She knew how to get you to participate in class and have the desire to learn and that’s pretty special! Wonderful tribute! πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you for sharing your experience. . My class 11 class teacher Miss Rashmi pushed me off my limits and helped me unleash my creative potentials and excel in my academic career. I can never forget her love and encouragement .


  3. Wow Himali…I feel so proud to have had a multi-talented student like you….the poem made me feel ecstatic…u r a real inspiration to many students….GOD BLESS U….

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  4. Himali, I feel like reading all your blogs and this one seems to be a special one. 5th Sep. is always a long awaited day for me and my family for reason no 1: Teachers day (2) My own Birthday(3) I remember a Physics teacher who made me a genious in the subject by taking extra classes but sparing me from paying extra fees . Till date I have not been able to trace his whereabouts to touch his feet as a token of regard for making my life successful.I started my career as a teacher cum coach after completing my studies. Although I did this job for only one year before joining the Bank but it was the most satisfying one for me .

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    • Hello Parveen !! I am so thankful to you for looking upto my old posts and finding time to read and give me your lovely feedback.

      Firstly, belated birthday wishes to you, my dearest friend. I wish you 365 days of happyness ahead ! I think what makes a lot of difference to our growing up years is a teacher who believed in us and our abilities. I also had such great teaches in my school and college days who blessed me with their knowledge and wisdom. I am very sure, your teacher must be very proud of you and you must be a beloved teacher for your students. Thank you for being a part of this noble profession πŸ™‚

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