Platform 9 3/4

Platform 934

Sometimes you need to leave behind doubts and skepticism,
You need to stop thinking why it ‘wouldn’t’..

Sometimes you have to forget about the thousand times you failed,
And try harder like never before, one last time..

Sometimes all you need to do, is to believe in yourself & your infinite potential,
A lot of obstacles are like closed doors..
Sometimes all you need to do, is to remember,
That all closed doors, aren’t locked..

Some brick walls are built to test you,
There is a magical platform 9 3/4 behind it, waiting for you..
All you need to do, is to run with passion..
This is when ‘miracles’ happen !

Because, when man aspires for something with all his heart,
His desire becomes a magnet to attract, what the world calls ‘magic’ & ‘miracles’ !!

— Himali Shah

Hogwarts Express

35 thoughts on “Platform 9 3/4

  1. Wow Himali… Very inspiring.. We have to think our mind in the positive direction of our passion… And platform 9 3/4 is well used here.. And that quote at the end is very true…
    Have a good day Himali.. 🙂

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  2. Well.. my friend Himali.. so nice to see
    your magical words here again..
    and the nice thing is they
    never go away
    as servers
    as the magic
    of Love.. yes Love
    is the White Magic
    of Life.. that leads
    to unity of
    in a garden
    of happ’Y’ness..
    And Fear is black
    magic used
    do not deal
    in the light saber of Love..
    So yes.. when i come here
    i see the strength of that
    unifying white
    as a bright
    white Light of Love..
    after visiting so many
    Kingdoms online so far
    below platform 9 3/4..
    it is nice to always
    come here
    on September
    first at 11 am..
    and be transported
    back to white magic again..
    and yes.. as a Wizard i often
    visit Muggles as i continue to
    attempt to bring white magic to
    them.. i cannot exclude them
    from the Kingdom
    of Love
    i too am once
    a Muggle too..
    born to a Wizard
    one and Muggle
    one as well..
    and yeah..
    but anyway..
    us half-breeds
    are situated in a place
    to help both members
    of the biggest
    Kingdom of
    ALL ruled
    by GOD
    of Wizards
    and Muggles same..
    OBTW.. i Love you..
    us Wizards
    saying that at ALL
    as this Love is REAL..:)

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  3. Welcome back Himali dear friend
    Your quote is definately true
    It is a rule in the life of successful people
    Thanks for sharing


  4. Heyyyyy, wonderful post Himali. Oh my gosh! I’ve been thinking about you. Wondering how you are. Where you are. I was thinking today even that maybe you met a special someone…. hmmm??? Hehe. Just playing with you. Himali. I want to see the finished watercolor that you had started with the trees. I have a project I’m working on that I think you especially will appreciate. I’m going to post the first of this project tomorrow.
    Love and hugs my dear friend.
    Miss you 🙂 ❤

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