10 thoughts on “Make me ‘YOUR’ story

  1. Lovely poem of course Himali..
    and Lovely Beach for two..
    that reminds me so much
    of the Beaches here in
    the Northern Panhandle
    of Florida.. particularly
    around what is named
    as the San Destin
    area as the water
    is so shallow that
    it almost always
    Glows an Emerald
    Green Color as pictured
    in this photo.. and all the
    sands of the beaches here
    are Sugar White.. but sadly
    most of our dunes washed
    away by Hurricanes in the
    mid 2000’s.. but still standing
    in the San Destin area.. with
    so many graceful sea oats swaying
    in the Gulf Breeze.. and the night often
    even without moonlight and stars glows
    in calm surf shores.. truly a magical way with
    diatoms like fireflies of the sea.. so dreamy..:)


  2. You’ve succinctly portrayed the essence of the man-woman relationship. Very beautiful!
    Wishing you a very happy new year, and all the best for your future writings as well.


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