Seeking a Great Perhaps

Last week reading through John Green’s debut novel ‘Looking for Alaska’ left me pondering over a very important thing – “Seeking a Great Perhaps”. Miles, the protagonist of the novel who is obsessed with last words of great men, leaves his home town to study in a boarding school his father had once studied in. When asked by his parents as to why he wanted to leave, holding a biography of Francois Rabelais, he replies : “Francois Rabelais. He was a poet. And his last words were “I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” That’s why I’m going. So I don’t have to wait until I die to start seeking a Great Perhaps.”

Over quite some time, I have been trying to seek my Great Perhaps and that explains my absence from blogosphere for all these months. There has always been a dream I have carried, but somehow; at some point; something pulled me back from chasing that dream of mine.

Dare to chase your dreams

Over these months, I worked hard and risked it all. I put my self beyond my comfort zone and decided to take the leap of faith. And today, I can say that if there is some secret ingredient  which you need to seek your Great Perhaps; it is that leap of faith and facing your fears heads on ! Taking the first step is difficult. Sometimes impossible. I have been caught up in this dilemma for long. But, I have first hand experienced the magic of risking everything for a dream that only you see !


I can not describe the happiness I feel at the moment, making my debut post for 2016! I have started writing short stories for an e-magazine and I have so many more stories to share here. I’d like to end with a very unique message I recently learnt from a dear friend of mine – “Passion, rather than discipline is the key to success”. I wish you all the very best to embark on your journey for seeking your ‘Great Perhaps’. 

24 thoughts on “Seeking a Great Perhaps

  1. Aha!.. so Himali drops offline.. to become an
    accomplished e-Magazine writer.. yes.. that
    is wonderful news.. dear Hiimali.. as
    to pursue yoUr creative
    dreams in
    is alWays
    a ‘great perhaps’
    and a way to growth
    in moving connecting
    and ‘passionately’
    creating ways
    of being now..
    i’m not sure how to pull
    up all those happy emoticons
    for congratulations
    and success..
    but i’m
    get the drift
    and flow hehe..
    and SMiLes.. i am
    so happy and proud of
    you as creater.. my friend..
    and am looking forward now to
    both your online presence again..
    and your new stories.. shared as well..:)


  2. Ohhhhhhh, so great to see you here Himali. I have thought if you. I am on a short break from WP right now but will be back again at the end of the month.
    Looking forward to reading about this passion and dream of yours.
    🙂 ♡


  3. Hello – long time no talk. Great post. I like that word Perhaps, sounds hopeful :)). I’m with you and decided to get back to blogging… Writing for an e-magazine sounds exciting, whew hoo! Blessings my friend.
    – all the best


  4. Hello. . Welcome back Himali. . After a long time. . How are you?
    ANd congrats Himali. . Stories for an E-Magazine. . Following passion is the best thing to do for happiness. . And I am happy for you. . Wishing you all the best. . Many more milestones you will reach Himali. .

    And share your short stories with us here. . Welcome back.. Thanks. 🙂

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  5. 🙂 Great perhaps is the feeling of completeness. It may be in finding love, friend, success. It is a chance which led to the feeling of wholeness to u r special 🙂

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  6. Hi Himali,
    Great thought, I had just one question does struggle to get two time food would be called seeking a great perhaps??


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