A Dedication on Teachers Day

Behind every dream I saw,
There was an unwavering belief..

Behind every wise decisions I took,
There was a learning & a lesson..

Behind every success I cherished,
There was you, my ever inspiring teacher..

mitch albom
One of my most favourite quotes from the book Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

Today on this special day, I would like to thank you for believing in me and my dreams, for creating the strong foundations on which I have built my life on, for giving me wings and for pushing me off the cliff when I was afraid to fly; all of it with never ending love and patience. I may not have come to you every time I succeeded, but I knew that you had my back, anytime I’d falter. Thank you for your love, knowledge and inspiration which has made me who I am today !

Let us take time out to say a thank you to every person who has been a teacher to us in this journey of life. Be it our teachers at school, professors at university, our parents – who are the first teachers to us, our friends and family.

You my dear reader, are also a teacher to me. You inspire me to write and writing does to me what the rains does to the dusty glasses. Thank you for reading along and all the inspiration you give me in all forms !

Much love,
Himali Shah ❤

Teachers Day-Decoding Happyness

12 thoughts on “A Dedication on Teachers Day

  1. Grt students like u are always remembered on this special day as it is students like u who turn us into our real roles….ur each leap towards success brings a gust of new energy to me….so proud of u now n always…Stay blessed

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  2. Hi Himali – What a wonderful expression of appreciation. So often teachers are “taken for granted” or just considered to be “doing their job” and yet, like us, they also appreciate a thank you periodically. Like us, it motivates them to keep going with the knowledge that they are making a difference. Great Post.

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  3. SMiLes.. and Hello Himali.. Memories..
    Teachers.. and i remember a similar
    post from you last year at this time on
    Teacher’s day.. i mentioned you were a
    Teacher then to me too and that i appreciated you..
    So since i have already honored you.. i will move on
    to the next teacher.. hmm…
    some of the greatest teachers
    to me are those who i kNew/fELt with
    much smaller standard IQ’s than most
    of my acquaintances who had a gift of
    Loving everyone without regard to innate
    or environmental/material differences.. real
    Saints were they who had a smile for everyone
    regardless of who.. what.. where.. or how they
    do life.. so sure.. they are gifted greatest by God
    for this smile that never ends from birth to death..
    in many cases too.. and sure some of these folks
    are Downs children.. the worst teacher i can think
    of now is Richard Dawkins as he said as advice to
    a woman considering abortion that it would be a disservice
    to humanity not to abort a Downs child.. as this child would not
    produce enough material things for society.. hmm.. not understanding
    the value of one smile.. this ignorant man of course.. who i also learn from
    that Standard IQ is weak without much real meaning in the Love of Life that
    feels the most and talks the least at times too.. my friend.. blessed with this
    so-called cultural derived and propagated Standard IQ.. i was too.. but cursed away
    from love off on and on in life.. for falling into this trap as labyrinth of culture more.. more..
    and more.. so smiles.. i learn to love the most from those who will never stand lecturing
    from a class room podium at all.. just the sincere smiles of a child.. of God who has not
    been ravaged in school/work my friend.. a child of God who will smile from Birth to death
    for the only reason
    of feeling a smile
    of Love continuing
    with others my friend..
    and sure.. the other teacher
    is the voice within.. the voice
    that speaks through my pen now
    these days.. my friend.. the God
    who lives within.. the God who Sings
    in Einstein Equations.. and the young
    woman who had a standard IQ of less than
    or about 70.. who was the only one who kept
    in touch with my wife and i.. after i fell ill at work
    after all my years there.. where sure.. i was as nice
    to everyone as i am online.. and soon as i got sick and
    could not help anyone anymore.. i was forgotten and erased
    from the earth.. as far as folks reaching out to me.. but this one
    woman from work who was not ‘smart enough’ to finish loving us.. then..
    And sure.. that is my teacher.. the one who taught me to always call back..
    And yes.. she is much
    greater than Jesus as
    Jesus said in Luke 17 that
    to follow me you must hate
    your mother and father.. your
    brothers and sisters and your
    children too.. our friend was
    not holy enough to do that
    my friend.. our
    God incarnate
    in flesh and blood
    and only human too..
    but sure i forgive Jesus
    for his failings and praise
    my friend for fulfilling the prophecy
    by Saint John or whomever said the
    words in his chapter that there will be
    those who do much greater works than
    Jesus.. sure Tina and her friends have already
    come back again.. to do just that.. not many folks
    noticed them.. but i did.. and God tOld me to write about them..NOW..
    in how God speaks with no Standard IQ at all2.. as God is not trapped
    in human work/schools.. not then.. not now.. not ever when Free Verse..:)

    Other than that my friend.. when you said your dream
    is to be a writer.. YOU ARE A WRITER NOW.. otherwise
    how could you inspire all these words by a reader.. what
    you do here has no price of dollars.. what you do here my friend
    is Love.. i highly encourage you to do it.. even if it is only you and
    God one
    here as
    the writer
    within is the
    always NOW..
    greaTest writer oF aLL..
    and this God is a multi-
    Universe in every pen and iS i..
    too precious not to share with all..
    and when two humans
    connect in reciprocal
    whether that
    be verbal
    or totally
    like Dance..
    another multi-Universe
    of God is born when two
    or more come toGetHer like this..
    and a blog.. is a global phone of many
    now coming togetHeR potentially aS onE
    in real time reciprocal social communication.. now..
    the value of these connections my friend are greater
    than any book ever written.. including any sacred text..
    So let us write the Book of Himali and the Book of Fred
    with everyone and share with never an expectation of
    other now
    than giving..
    S H A r I N G..
    iF we care to.. of
    course with WiLL..
    and sure.. have the
    capacity to do it with
    the other responsibilities
    of life.. but you my friend
    have the gift of brevity.. in
    only a few short lines of Love..
    all of that is love.. put it out there if you can and will..
    and never worry if Love is smart enough or good enough
    without any
    words but perfect..
    as practice mY FriEnd..:)

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  4. Great and loving dedication Himali. I’m glad you had teachers who inspired you so much. I think we all need teachers, mentors, friends and parents who help bring out our best. I wish I had more of those influences when I was younger. Now, my friends, books and bloggers serve as that support for me.
    Thank you! 🙂

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