Dear Zindagi : Beloved Life – You are amazing !

I bet, any girl watching the movie Dear Zindagi; would have a crush on Jag – the character portrayed by Bollywood’s undoubted King –  Shahrukh Khan. The way he navigates Kaira to maze out of the complexities of life so effortlessly made me realize that life is simple, we complicate it beyond repair and they complain about life being unfair and harsh. That all problems come with opportunities in disguise and a solution, always ! At times all you need is a catalyst to help you settle the dust and see yourself clearly amidst the turbulent waters.

During the final shots of the movie, Kaira confesses her crush on Jag, to the man himself and it was both adorable and heartwarming. The way Jag appreciates her for expressing her emotions instead of suppressing them, won over my heart.

On my way home from work, I was trying to reflect upon the types of crushes one can have in life. Before I begin penning them down let me share what my definition of a crush is. A crush for me is someone I adore and admire, who inspires me in some ways leaving me attracted to them and wanting to know them or talk to them a little more. My crush would leave a smile on my lips every time I’d think about them.

Below may not be an exhaustive list but let me try to write then down my classification of crushes :

– Romantic crushes
Someone you harbor romantic feelings for

– Professional crushes
That smart, successful colleague you aspire to be like

– Intrinsic crushes
Being attracted to someone because they are kind, humble, caring, et el.

– Extrinsic crush
Looks to die for, dimples to kill for and eyes to live for 🙂

– Unattainable crushes
The ones you only get to meet in your dreams 😀 Dove, where did you fly away ?

– Fictional crushes
Falling for the protagonist of that novel or movie and wishing they were real ! Edward Cullen, are you listening?

– Celebrity crushes
Crushes on celebs in glory of their fandom

– Inspirational crushes
Your role model who gives you several life goals

Something to be noted is that the above, is not a mutually exclusive list ! In fact, it can have several permutations and combinations internally. For example my crush on Shahrukh Khan would be an unattainable, intrinsic celebrity crush.

As air, water and food is vital for human survival, so is the feeling of being loved, cared for and appreciated. A lot of times we fail to convey how much we cherish a person’s lingering fragrance in our lives till they disappear in the hustle and bustle of life.

When being loved is so much important, why do we somehow manage to escape expressing this emotion to our loved ones ? Don’t you think today you should take a break from the monotony and tell someone you crush on ‘Hey, you are amazing !’ ?

The smile which lights up their face will warm your soul this winter.

Special thanks to the first reader of this blog post & the friend who inspired me to complete this write up ! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Dear Zindagi : Beloved Life – You are amazing !

  1. Such a lovely post and topic! I very strongly believe that there is no best way than being in love to be happy but love brings no smiles all the time. With crushes, things are different. As you mention, they somehow manage to bring the smile on your face. That’s the magic of having a crush on someone.

    About confessing the feelings, I can’t agree more with you. I do that. Life is too short to hold the feelings for someone back. I mean isn’t it feel awesome to know that someone likes you?

    Kudos to you and cheers for the first reader. 😀

    PS – The best part is, it reminded me of my first crush. 😉

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  2. WeLL.. Hello Himali..
    surely nice to see you
    back online.. and by the
    way.. a Happy Belated Birthday
    for you in November
    as i wished
    it to you
    in a blog
    post just
    for fun too..
    i must say i have
    a crush on all of existence
    and every now and then a
    liGht comes into my life i
    WiLL never
    and yes..
    surely too
    you are one
    of those crushes oF liGht
    my friEnd.. too far and few ‘tween
    the rest of Star duST uS mY friEnd..:)

    With Continued best wishes and hopes for you CPA study..:)

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  3. Hey! I’m new at blogging n was just going through random blogs n urs was the one which grabbed my attention instantly!😄 Well I agree with uh definitely that we should confess our crushes bcz carrying unsaid feelings definitely increases the heart’s weight whilst its always better to carry a frivolous heart! We tend to control our words thinking about the consequences which might happen bt u know its alz better to confess bcz otherwise the heart continuously keeps on mulling about the ” would have been” result!😊 And btw pl can uh follow me back I would love to share my write ups as well.😇 I’m a teen n I write about all the emotional cascades of my heart!😃

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