An Open Letter To Myself . . .

Dear you,

Sub.: Letting go

I know it’s hard. I know you want to hold the sand in your fist, a bit longer. But the harder you’re trying to hold on it to, the quicker it’s flowing away; isn’t it ? Letting go is hard, to put it as the very least. There’s pain and agony which is directly related to the affection and the connection you share with the person or the thing you are about to let go.

I want to close your eyes and recollect the moment your parents had; when you were 3 and they first had to let you go, apart from them – for 4 hours as you set your feet into the alien world; to attend your playschool. Then, when you bid adieu to them to pursue your dreams when you turned 18. Did they stop you ? What if they did ?

Image result for parent letting go childs hand

We are like cocoons, constantly morphing. From a larvae, to a caterpillar to a butterfly. To grow, we constantly need to evolve. And that means, shredding some bits of us at times. The metamorphosis may be painful; but in hindsight when you connect the dots, the transformation makes it all worth it.

Letting go teaches us that everything in life is finite and perishable. So, enjoy when you can, with what you have. It teaches us to be stronger and braver to embrace tomorrow. It teaches us to value the people and things in our lives as often in our sedentary lives, we take a lot for granted. Letting go makes makes us hopeful – someday our paths might cross, isn’t the world such a tiny place ? And, sometimes letting go makes us meet the people who truly are yours. After all, like the Salmon fishes, don’t we yearn go back to our roots ? That’s why they say, if you love someone, let them go. If they are truly yours, they will come back to you; someday. Also, at times, we need to let go of toxins – things like alcohol, toxic relationships, regrets & grudges. Fear not, as Paulo Cohelo has rightly said –

If you are brave enough to say a good bye, very soon life will reward you with a new “Hello” !

So my dear friend, be brave and strong. As you open your heart to the great pains of separation, you also act as a catalyst to a beautiful transformation.

Let it all go, see what stays.



41 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Myself . . .

  1. sMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. Himali..
    Life is a Country Road many
    paths shared.. many paths
    forged but on
    Real Country
    Roads never
    to go.. sMiLes..
    Writing the last few
    years has really helped
    me let go with continuing
    Love.. a Father and a Mother
    and three Cats.. two who passed
    and one who takes a different path
    in life.. i suppose when one loses enough
    one is Happy
    just to help
    the rest
    on its path
    to living the best
    with Love that we
    can give and share..
    Yeah.. the greatest Loss
    is the Give of Love.. when that
    is FeeLeD iN that’s all tHeRE is to Do..:)

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  2. Lovely thoughts about letting go.
    I have put some thoughts together on this before.
    I think I can dig some up:
    Wow, funny I had to go five years back to catch these.
    Life can be unpredictable at times and love may not always be reciprocated but when we are as free as air, we’ll certainly arrive at what suits best. It is only when we let go that we can be free to grasp or be grasped.
    Be strong, dear friend!


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