Long time, No see !

Being away from blogosphere, feels like being away from my friends and family. In this interim time, I have managed to be in touch with my writing and have many thoughts to be shared on this space.

I still remember my initial days on WordPress – when knowing every new blog & the blogger behind was such a magical experience! I’d be agog to receive a like or a comment on my posts and it would make me elated beyond limits πŸ˜€ It made me believe that we are all connected by an invisible bond of friendship and the human touch in all forms of interaction is something that is invincible.

Returning back to writing on my blog, feels like homecoming. As Charles Dickens has very eloquently said :

I relish every bit of this homecoming. To my wonderful blogging family – I have missed you all !

Hugs & Love ❀

35 thoughts on “Long time, No see !

  1. sMiLes.. mY FriEnd..
    FriEnds and Lovers
    Family and oTheRs
    Come and
    but the
    wHo Loves
    aLWays stays
    as Love.. Art is the
    MagiC that glues the
    Art to He oF heART
    And when we share
    Art the Love of Art
    as Life’s True
    ArT IS
    Path that never
    ever ends.. SMiLes
    and Hello aGAiN mY
    friEnd Himali.. how fortunate
    we are to share the Art of heART
    as when we do we Touch our soULs
    toGeTher ONE.. And that’s how we Paint God..
    of heART
    iN LoVinG SoULs..:)

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