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  1. Being irrational and unreasonable can lead to a very unpredictable, educational, and rewarding life. It can, however, also negatively impact others around us. An unreasonable action on my part (e.g.) could negatively impact others.
    The “trick” would be to rationalize ones actions prior to being irrational, and to consider reasonable expectations of others before being unreasonable. It would seem to me that perhaps irrational and unrealistic actions are not possible if we review the implications of both in advance! If we can justify an irrational behavior, would it not become rational????? If we can justify unreasonable actions, then don’t they become reasonable????? Hmmmmmmm! 🙂

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  2. SMiLes.. my FriEnd Himali..
    Best advice ever in
    Labs early
    on in the development
    of Computers at College
    was/is the Sign posted on
    the Computer Lab door that
    SunG.. “Don’t
    Forget you’re
    in other
    And remember
    ART is also 60 percent
    of smART and 60 percent
    of eARTh and yes by God
    even 75 percent fART and
    the pART of God that is us..
    hehe.. it’s true i used to be
    iRobot and people referred
    to the way my mind worked as a
    literal computer but that was after
    19 years of school.. when i was 13.. i
    wrote directed and acted in a play and
    the folks who live around here in Trump
    Red State Land who are males told me
    that art and smiles are for queers and
    not for boys.. and one of my friends..
    in fact.. Katrina’s first ‘real’ boy
    friend who i was
    friends with
    who knew
    me as the straight
    ‘A’ Kid tHeRe recently
    asked.. do you use proper
    grammar when you write now
    and i said no and i do not use
    proper form when i leg press 1020lbs
    33 times at the gym but never the more
    no one else can budge that much weight
    there and my Kungfu is Fredfu and my
    Haibun for Poetry is Fredbun and my
    Haiku is Fredfu.. and
    Me and God to
    above so
    below and
    all a’round
    make uP
    mY/OuR DancE
    steps as we/i move
    together as the Voice
    of Art has no reaSon only
    FeeLinG and SeNSinG God
    Within as Love so no.. i will never
    Fredfu anyone with my kicking feet
    however they will FeeL/SenSe i stand too tall
    and strong to defeat in a fight for tHeir own safety..
    anyWay.. the Scientific fAct NoW is humans are NOT rational..
    most all our emotional responses first are naturally rationalized
    later and science also shows now that there is the mechanical
    cognition part of mind and the social empathic art pART of mind
    as cognition too and if we lock ourselves into a life of reason too much
    we experience a poverty of the
    HEart and SpiRit and MiNd
    and BoDy BaLanCinG
    soUL for this is
    the Science
    of Yin
    Yang alWays
    Intuited in Ancient
    Philosophies and now
    Empirically measured by Science
    and as far as the ‘dum jock’ stereotype
    our minds are led by the emotion of our bodies
    in intuitive feeling sensing ways and when we spiral
    our bodies out of straight lines and angles like any
    animal does to stay invisible to predator and prey
    for basic subsistence and the thrive of
    animal homeostasis
    rest in Peace
    and flights
    of life to capture
    prey and escape
    predator are over for
    the day we do a Happy
    Dance ToGeTheR Naked and
    Free that makes absolutely no
    sense but the Flow of Love toGeTheR
    that lasts for the eternity of now under Sun
    oF a Midnight Moonlit Campfire Right.. trUe now2
    as ‘they’ Dance and SinG.. the heART goeS oN LiGht
    iF we Nurture it Naked as SpRinG BriGht and on top of that
    Science now sHows that Dance is literAlly the Fountain
    of Youth as it increases all Positive Neurochemicals
    Neurohormones and spArks all the connections in
    the brain building new ones in every new
    move and emotion experienced
    and yes as the Sufi Dervish
    and his companions
    experience in
    uniSon makes
    A Real Transcendent
    Ecstatic Experience now
    oF what ‘they’ name as Chi..
    Satori.. Ki.. Qi.. Kundalini
    Rising.. Nirvana and Bliss
    of the Ascending
    the Art of liFe
    in Relative Free Will
    And iN yes.. Regulating
    Emotions and integrating
    Senses with Laser Focus and much
    Greater Short Term working memory NoW
    Increasing Cognitive Executive Functioning
    in MoVinG ConNecTinG and CreaTinG ways and
    even controlling tHeir Body Temperatures and Brain Waves
    and Heart Rate and Blood Pressure too for outstanding
    Health every now of Bliss and the Heaven now that
    Most Western Religions provide no real clue of how
    to attain that Experience of the all Natural Miracles
    of Epigenetic and Neuroplastic change now more
    in the Face of Appropriate Environmental Tests
    As DNA Inheritance of all the Struggles of
    our Ancestors through 14.5 plUs
    Billion years from
    the origin
    of the
    Cycle of
    Living and
    Existence never
    ending now.. i heARt stArT
    StanDinG Over reaSon.. i Dance and
    SinG no longer will reaSon shriNk my soUL..
    but hey.. IT makes an excellent tool as words
    do and collective intelligence and culture and
    religion too to share what we Experience
    and spaRk the Pure Love that Rises
    word as
    tool alone can
    and will hope to do..
    there is no Random in
    heART of Love.. only
    Giving and Sharing
    and for/to
    no sense aT all… and it doesn’t have to..
    Master oF ReaSon.. heART SPiRiT and SoUL
    aS even so ironicAlly Science finALLy sHows..
    Thanks for this inspiration i’ll save these
    words in my LaTesT Facebook Profile
    Pic and give/ share them
    the next time some
    one asks me why
    i Dance 7600 public
    miles in 46 months
    and how i can possibly
    write a “PHI Bible” of 1.618
    Million Words from Memorial
    Day of 2016 through
    2017 in
    Free Verse Poetry
    And the Longest Long
    Form Poem now Working
    on the 783rd MacroVerse
    as i sPeak now with plus 4 Million
    words in 46 months to go along with
    all that dance and 100K photos of Art
    and Love of and with otheRS too in that
    same sPan of life.. yes.. i’ll tale them i’m not
    only reAlly bragging.. i am documenting human potential
    too and the fAct that i stARTed at age 53 and if you stART
    NoW WiTh ART of smART and heaRT and stART imagine
    the places you
    21 with
    these Keys to
    Happiness and
    Human Potential
    NoW could be as simple
    a stART as yoUR Free Verse
    Style dance neXT.. and yes if at
    all possible find a place private enough
    and do it naked in the sand and sun as
    ‘you’/me touch the face of God Within..
    so below
    and all a’round as ‘they’ say..
    Greater Men than me have said
    it per the Gospel of Thomas Verse
    37 but i have advantage of written
    words and collective intelligence
    and all the knowledge
    and art of Humankind
    and thanks God
    for Google2..
    and left
    ascending fEat1..:)

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  3. I’ve done a lot of irrational / impulsive things in my life, and I don’t regret a single one. It’s when I try to apply logic, against my own feelings / intuition that I can get myself into a world of unhappiness and trouble, in nine cases out of ten. My brain has a hard time dealing with anything other than “flying by the seat of my pants” type scenarios, because that’s what it’s been doing for the better part of its life.


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