The Cookie Plate

One of my colleagues got us a box of cookies today from his vacation and he placed them all in our office pantry in a plate at lunch time. I tried both – chocolate and chocolate brownie flavor; and they were so delicious ! The mini me insisted me to have a second round since there were many more even after everyone had treated themselves with the sweet treat. That mini me was temptation. And let me tell you, fighting the world is easier than fighting with your own self. 
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So what did I do ? Well, I walked away from the temptation. Even from the 2 cookies I got for myself, I shared them with my coworker and the other cookies I packed up for our house keeping guy.  Oh boy ! The happiness in his eyes was worth every bit of it. He said he’ll share it with his friends and that struck a chord to me. How the little acts of kindness and sharing can brighten up someone’s day. I’m glad I walked away from the temptation and it was empowering.

Temptations come in several forms and fashions. At times they come in such disguise that one can’t recognize them easily.
The very first step is to recognize the temptation and acknowledge to yourself that you are tempted.
Next is what I’d call the “drop the rope”.
Imagine a tug of war fight between you & your temptations where you are basically fighting against yourself & end up being stretched with fruitfulness. So instead of tugging on to the rope harder, why not drop the rope ?
Try finding peace with the victory and the defeat both at the same time. Try a path which brings you fulfillment and joy even in losing against your temptations.
And NO – it’s not a “The Grapes are Sour” consolation you give yourself. Dropping the rope should bring peace and solace and not regret.

The cookie plate is a metaphor to all sorts of temptations life throws at us. And remember, even if no one is watching – God is always watching us. 

31 thoughts on “The Cookie Plate

  1. It is always so rewarding to know that a simple gesture on your part, may well have been the highlight of somebody’s day. Keep it up, and there will come a time when your gestures are declined, or treated in some other way negatively. I will be very curious to read about your reactions in such circumstances! Have a great day Himali.

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  2. Skirmishes.. Battles and Wars
    for the BaLanCinG ForCe
    within that can
    NoW be WiLL
    and Strength
    iN Masculine
    Divine way
    and Grace
    and Love
    iN FeMiNiNe
    DiViNe Force too
    WiThiN as WeLL
    mY FriEnd Himali..
    juST one example more
    NoW of two mixes aS oNe
    Force as BaLanCinG wHole
    and so many oTher do’s or don’ts
    in liFe to figure out innately.. instinctually
    And intuitively WiTH all Book Learning sTuFF iN LiFe..
    trUe and LiGHt.. iT STiLL iS thAT We hUmaN BeinGS
    are not evolved for Instant Gratification now wHere
    just a text message from a Friend can raise the
    Social Bonding Warm and Fuzzy Hormone
    Oxytocin.. 37%.. for two hours after
    as text message
    of Connection..
    but NoW on the
    oTheR HaND too..
    if we stay online to
    get a shot of this all
    day and night.. do
    we ever NoW Go
    iN Can
    and Do
    and WiLL
    iN LiFe but
    One Specialized place
    of Warm and Fuzzies online
    NoW.. trUe.. what if Beethoven
    and Michelangelo and even Jesus
    and Buddha and Lao Tzu and if Mythological
    Krishna and Indian Cosmic Dancer Shiva could
    Come to LiFe Incarnate too.. along with Isis and
    Osiris and Horus and all the rest of the
    High Fivers throughout History
    yes.. if they had access
    to all you can
    Crush” and
    some of the
    other stuff ‘down
    below’ Dopamine
    Incentives in Non
    Substance Addictions
    like a Plate Full of Cookies
    And Ice Cream And Steak
    Every Night would tHeRe
    be Van Gogh
    a Smart
    Phone in tow..
    and will there ever
    be again.. without the
    Discipline to stay away from
    Social Media aGaiN to Study
    for one’s CPA.. hehe.. yep.. Cookies
    can be sweet but they can also remove
    us from so much more of our hUman PoTenTiaL
    when we BaLanCe liFe ouT More iN both Pleasure
    and Struggle for Adaptation And Greater hUman Potentials too..
    liFe is easier than ever before but surely tricky when what feels
    so much
    hUmaN PoTenTiaL
    from us if we even notice
    that it is lost at all.. SMiLes..
    you have a track record so far
    of understanding this issue
    and taking action to
    insure you
    you must
    do to fulfill your
    HUman Potential..
    And sure.. to make a living
    too.. as it doesn’t usually come
    Free these days at all either my FriEnd..
    what is earned always feels better to me
    through the dARK of Struggles that Goes WitH LiGht of Change..:)

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