उड़ा चला जाये रे (With English Translation)

Uda chala jaaye re_Himali_Decoding Happyness.jpg
Inspired from a beautiful Bollywood song   ‘Monta Re’ 

उड़ा चला जाये रे

स्याही से रंगे
कागज़ के दो पंख लेके
उड़ा चला जाये रे . . .

Udaa Chala Jaaye Re

Siyahi se range,
Kagaj ke do pankh leke,
Uda chala jaaye re . . .

My Heart Flutters Away

With wings made of paper,
Colored with ink,
My heart flutters & flies away . . .

FLY_Decoding happyness_Himali Shah.jpg
Reminder for me at my office wall 🙂 


39 thoughts on “उड़ा चला जाये रे (With English Translation)

  1. Reading your words already gives such a light feeling of seeing our struggles from a higher perspective and therefore the knowing that we are not our problems. That’s why we can detach. Beautiful!

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