22 thoughts on “Be Kind

  1. i am a big fan of the ‘Planet
    of the Apes’ series where
    ironically the Apes
    end up
    than Apes
    as Love is what
    makes us Human
    over all other things
    and the stereotype of
    Apes in Captivity have
    been one of savage when
    nothing could be further from
    the truth as that relates to Wolves
    and even more so Bonobos.. our closest
    kissing cousins who we share 99 percent
    of all our DNA with and these so-called animals
    that are truly more human than human in terms
    of Love..
    all there
    with Love of the
    touchy feely kind and
    even face to face kissing
    as they have enough affective
    empathy in Neurohormone Oxytocin
    and Mirror Neuron ways and other
    ways to feel the pleasure and the
    pain of the other members
    of their species
    to bring
    no harm
    and only pleasure BaLanCinG Nature
    And it’s true this is how Indigenous
    so-called primitive humans live too
    who were once named as savage
    for wearing few clothes and dancing
    eye to eye and hip to hip under Moon
    Lit Raves of Drums ToGeTheR around
    Campfire eYes of NiGht Lived before
    populations increased beyond the 150 to
    200 sets of friendly eyes and hips in naked
    way accustomed to each other as all friends as evolved
    with and in and as LOVE for the survive and thrive of life.. true.. it was like Woodstock
    of the 60’s but it worked without harming others as there were no crowds of 100K plus..
    and it’s
    true.. i
    still in ways
    travel back
    to ‘our’ ancestral
    roots of Love when
    i Dance on Thursday
    Nights with A Young Crowd
    of Human Bonobos who remember tHeir
    Roots of Love Free even without a Drink of
    anything else Butt a Dance oF Love
    No Word
    oF Poetry
    When Dance Becomes Love..
    And it’s true.. Free Verse Dance
    Can literAlly BRinG A Relative Free
    Will in BaLanCinG ForCe of Emotions
    Regulating and Senses InTeGraTinG BrinGinG
    A WiLL and Strength of not only Love exceeding
    the size of 10 Grinch HeARTs butt the Physical Strength
    of really hairy Apes twice as strong and more than Humans
    wHo fAil to do what NatUre does at core everywHeRe.. move baby move..
    BaLanCinG DanCinG on Land as Water Invisible as Humans.. left foot right as one Love Force
    to capture prey and escape predator alive.. where we are the Clouds of Love iN aS sKeYes oF God..:)

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  2. Wow! Words of wisdom, so meaningful words written in such a lovely manner.

    I have been exploring the purpose of life and why life , by meeting so many old people and listening to spiritual persons like Dalai Lama, they all say the same.
    Be Kind n it shall spread the happiness and which shall indeed make you happy and your life blissful.

    Keep Sharing ur love !


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