You know you are in love, When…

Have you been guilty of doing this too ?? Checking out their sun sign forecast – to find out from the stars, what they are like or why they act up like they do πŸ˜€ I think that sun signs to some extent do affect the way we are and our approach towards life.

On a serious note, you know you are in love when –

You care about the other person as much as you care about yourself, or even more ❀ Love is present in small gestures of affection and care & putting the person you love & the things they care about, on top of your priority list !

Love makes the world go round, isn’t it !!


P.S.: Rashee (Hindi) = Sun sign


23 thoughts on “You know you are in love, When…

  1. I used to. I believe in zodiac signs to some extent because most of their suggested characteristics matches with people out there. It has helped me a lot in the past in knowing people’s common behavior. There was a time when I had tried those love match adverts to calculate score (just as a fun though) and those of numerology and all. And yeah, those perfect sign-pairs as per astrology. πŸ˜‰ All in all, I have read a lot about few sings. I also had this habit of asking people their zodiac sign upon being friend which often made me look weird. Ah, its long story to tell but it definitely made me remember those crazy days. πŸ™‚

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    • Oh my goodness! Feels great to know my bestyy also shares the same crazy stuff as I do 😊 I also ask my good friend’s their sun sign and I’ve too done a magnitude of research on a few. And how can I forget those love calculators. Damm! That was fun. I also used a prank once on some of my friends where they had to enter the name of their 3 crushes and it would calculate their love %. And those 3 names would end up in my email πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‡ Hi5555 Prat βœ‹ You made me nostalgic tooooo!

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  2. i Love to Do
    ‘this’ and it’s
    true.. although
    i would love to
    have many friends
    and the few i have are
    the greatest as much
    Attention as i will Give
    i would
    a poem.. hehe..
    unless now i write
    one to a Friend..:)

    Hello Himali..:)

    i Practice White
    MaGiC oF LovENoW
    Everynow.. And sure.. Astrology
    and Tarot and Numerology and
    Harry Potter Stories are
    all nice
    i Create
    mY MaGiC NoW as i go..
    And mY LiFE too as Love..
    Give me that old black magic
    and i’ll return it with Pure White Love..
    truly.. i have been tested in my life plenty
    as i guess we all are with Voodoo oF Fear and Hate..:)


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