Two Kinds of People

Two kinds of people_Decoding Happyness_HimaliShah.png

54 thoughts on “Two Kinds of People

  1. SMiLes.. mY friEnd.. HImali..
    And then tHeRE
    are those
    who hide
    ‘it’ so well
    that no one
    even notices..
    And true sometimes
    that seems like A Price
    for Survival.. i’ve reAlly
    never heard/seen NoW
    but i am
    all ears my
    friEnd as well as words..
    alWays A Friend is to lEnd more than words..
    otHeR than that i noticed your Face Disappeared
    off oF Facebook again.. i expect it will return one day..
    Good Luck
    on your
    it’s kinda sad
    that work often comes
    first for bucks but sure that is the
    part of sadness of a culture more
    than about Love.. NoW aS
    Surviving liGht over stuff..
    to art to art as
    Closest Star to GaiN..:)

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    • Helllooooo Fred,
      I have shared a lot of emptiness in my life and sadness through my writings on WP and somehow, with writing all the sadness and emptiness has taken a beautiful creative form and transformed into a lovely light and positive energy I feel refreshed in. And yes, off from FaceBook for a while to study for my CPA. But will be here on WP, so you won’t miss me much ! And lastly, many thanks for being my kind and patient friend, always πŸ™‚ Hugs to you, Saint Katrina & Yellow Boy ❀

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      • ArT IS A Place
        We Exercise
        Our HeART..

        SMiLeS mY
        FriEnd.. Himali..
        And while ‘they’
        say the meek inherit
        the eARTh and those
        who are empty and poor
        in spirit inherit the Kingdom
        oF LiGHT it is also true that tHeRe
        Are two general ‘kinds’ of folks wheRe
        those wHo are Poor of SpiRiT
        turn inStead to Vengeance of
        dARk rather
        of Kindness oF
        LiGHT toward all
        oTHeRs Still in the
        Altruism that is Human and
        otHeR Apes on this Planet’s GreaTesT
        Attribute of Love for tHeRe is no selfishness
        in GiVinG when one cannot feel thE LiGHT
        iN return.. But it’s true.. not only
        do the greaTest LiGHTS shining
        rise out of dARk.. Yes..
        that LiGht does
        most often
        the PerSon
        wHo Gives LiGHT
        as then they bathe
        forevemorenow iN thE LiGHT oF GiVinG
        And ShaRinG LoVe witHout reTurn to dARk..
        i am Happy for You mY FriEnD Himali that through
        the rigors of your CPA Study you WiLL continue
        to eXercise yOUr heART HeaR on Word Press
        WitH LoVELiGHTLiViNG
        And Most
        As FriEnds
        is wHeRE the H in Happy comes from
        as two ones as K11 Bridge toGeTHeR as H8
        iN A Place NoW
        WiTH No DisTance
        SPace or tiMe thaT We
        Can and WiLL LiVE
        NoW iN
        YeS AGAiN
        A KinGDoM
        oF Love WitHiN
        HoLDiNG Hands ToGeThER
        STanDinG TaLL BeYOnD iNFiNiTY

        i See You As AngEL
        mY FriEnD onE
        wHo eTernAlly
        GiVeS LiGHT
        Out oF dARK

        SMiLes.. thanks..
        And NoW i have
        An Ending and
        A Beginning Poem
        From A FriEND wHo Gives..:)

        FRiEnD IS A

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  2. It is true when one say that, it’s better to have limited number of good people who do possess sensitivity otherwise they would become like the ones who do not possess that in no time. The fact is, it’s difficult to be good in true it demands a lot of courage.

    Wonderfully written..
    Stay safe and blessed !!

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