You gotta be ‘A Gangsta’ – Quote Response

Very recently I read this quote on Facebook :

A gangsta

It was really simple, but quite profound. So often we get lost in emotions and drown in sadness or emptiness. In those moments, we got to remember that 

No matter how you feel – You got to Show up – Dress up – And never ever Give up

For me, a few days ago; I woke up to a message which left me with tears right before my morning had even begun. I was sobbing silently under my pillow and felt as if my world had come crashing down. I comforted myself under my warm blanket for a couple of minutes before getting up and picking up the best outfit from my wardrobe and got ready for work.

It is surprising but sometimes, looking good makes you feel good from within. I know that real beauty comes from within and if you feel good, it shines. But sometimes, you got to try the other approach as well. They say – fake it till you make it ! Let me tell you – it works. You got to decide to be awesome and steal the show. You got to smile and be cheerful and eventually you will come to a point where you feel that you’ve left the mask of pretense and it becomes your real self.

Well, that day I got a lot of compliments for my new look and it made my day brighter and towards the end of the day I felt like a real gangstaa, who just stole the show.

Sometimes, you got to fight with your own self for your own happiness. 

Keep calm and be an awesome gangsta. Allow yourself time to grieve but never let that overpower you !

You gotta be a gangsta_Decoding Happyness_Himali Shah.jpg

36 thoughts on “You gotta be ‘A Gangsta’ – Quote Response

  1. I totally agree. I used to work a job in which I would be on call and have to go out in the middle of the night to deal with problems but still be at work the next morning. I always made sure to dress well the next day because it helped me feel better.

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    • Woww! Aren’t you so awesome 😊 One should dress up not for others, but for our own selves and of course to look at our reflection in mirrors as we pass by 😉😉 Hugs to Awesome Ameena 💖💖💖

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  2. “Fake it till you make it” has backing from psychology too. Sometimes acting a certain way actually changes the way we think and feel. Once upon a time I was adamant about always acting confident and positive, and it had a miraculous effect on my life. Time to get back into that groove, I suppose.

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  3. It is absolutely true and I can confirm this by experience. Happiness is a decision we make, an inner concept, and not something we are gifted with. Also, happiness is not the opposite of sadness. Sad things happen and we are here to experience life with all it has in store for us. But that doesn’t mean that we are unhappy. Actually, with a happy foundation, we are dealing better with sad situations and – as you said – are able to detach and come back into life. That’s a wonderful encouraging post, dear Himali!


    • Happiness is a conscious choice and a decision we make every day. As they say, an inside job. Nobody but our ownselves can fix that emptiness .

      I love how you said that the opposite of sadness is not happiness. You are such a genius. I have always believed in this philosophy that opposite of happiness is no happiness and that of sadness is no sadness and there is a big difference between no sadness and happiness. Let’s choose happiness in place of no sadness and our lives would be so much colourful 💟

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  4. Life.. overall.. is Merciful as Death brings end to misery and suffering in old age
    and in all younger ages than Death.. eMoTioNs are evolved to move us and
    tears are the medicine in grief that comfort us
    and grief is the medicine in
    science terms that
    the warm and
    fuzzy Neurohormone
    Oxytocin at the same time..
    technically.. Dopamine.. the
    Creativity Neuro-chemical
    rises to inspire us to make
    that next move in connectivity
    and creativity with others
    to keep the internal
    and external
    Love turning
    and that my friend
    as most all artists know and
    feel and sense is surely a gift
    of grief but joy and the ecstasy
    of the ecstatic transcendent experience
    of life that can and will come from Dance
    and Song of Life BRinGs all Neurochemicals
    and Neurohormones in a ‘Chi’ of LiFE LiGHT that Dances
    and Sings Mountains
    of Love
    in MoVinG
    hUmaN coNnecTioNs oF Love..
    all n all LiFE is Beautiful.. A Masterpiece oF LiGht..
    hehe.. and no.. i haven’t leArned to Gangsta Rap yET
    is alWAys NoW..
    to Dance tHaT aT LeASt..;)

    And before i forget..
    Hello Himali..
    nice to
    you today..:)

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  5. I think we judge others by wanting to look their fear and wearing too much makeup without thinking they might be doing it to ward off depression. Hope the situation that made you cry initially cleared up, but it’s so true what you wrote. And I lived the quote.

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